Rotary Club of Corner Brook

The Spinner January 25 2018

Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   January 25 2018
President Andre chaired the meeting
Today 19 Rotarians were at the meeting giving 56% attendance
Club Business
Andre reminded the executive of the meeting at 7pm on Sunday January 28 at the Quality Inn.
Lionel spoke of the Bell sponsored ‘Let’s Talk Day’ on January 31st. He passed around pins and information and spoke of the increased access to Mental health services in the province and how funding has been doubled for these services
Guest Speaker
Program chair Trina introduced her guest Troy Turner from the Western Star.
Troy spoke about the meaning of the term ‘Fake News’
He illustrated his talk by power point and began by showing three news clips and asking everyone which of these clips showed fake news.
He then went on to explain and illustrate exactly what is meant by this term.
His definition of fake news was disinformation news used for profit, or political gain or crime, viral pranks and uncritical reporting when a hoax is given as fact.
News is not fake when satirical stories or satire from legitimate news sites are used in the media nor when there are honest reporting mistakes or opinions are being stated.
Troy went on to suggest how ‘fake news’ could be recognized. 
He suggested reading past a headline, checking the news source of the information, as many ‘fake news’ sites can look real.   A good journalist will only use trusted news sources.
Troy advised checking the published date and time of an article as well as checking to see if other news outlets are reporting the information. 
When reading an article note whether or not opinion is being given as fact and whether or not the full story is being told.  An important point for all to remember is that news given to which a person disagrees does not make the news fake.
Troy returned to the original clips he showed to discuss whether they showed fake news or not.
He answered questions before being thanked by Trina for his illuminating and interesting talk.
Andre adjourned the meeting
Club Dates to Remember
Charter Day
A Charter Day celebration is to be held at the regular lunch meeting time on February 15 2018 in the ballroom of the Greenwood Inn.