Rotary Club of Corner Brook

The Spinner November 2 2017

Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   November 2 2017
President Andre chaired the meeting
Club Assembly
Strategic Plan
Andre spoke about the value of the Club having a Strategic Plan. He with members of the executive has put such a plan together using the Rotary International template.  The focus this year will be on membership so that all members are engaged in Club activities.  Andre will mail out the Strategic Plan and would like feed back on this.
Financial Report
The Club balance sheet with the income statement was handed out. Andre reviewed this.
International Service Report given by Ashley
Wine to Water
Ashley spoke of the successful Wine to Water evening. About $4000 was raised at this event with lots of good feed back. Ashley commented on a couple of improvements for next year. He thanked all Rotarians who helped and donated wine.
Club Service Report given by Maureen
Maureen spoke on several topics
1.Weekly Lunch Meals
The cost of the weekly lunch meal needs to be paid by anyone who had indicated attendance and then did not cancel his/ her meal. These extra meals otherwise have to be paid by the Club which cuts into Club funds.
2.Rotary Auction Venue
Maureen met with the Food and Beverage Manager at Marble Mountain Lodge. Various concerns were discussed and the Lodge is now booked for May 5 2018 for the Rotary Auction.           
3.Charter Night
The date has been changed from November 25 to a Charter Day to be held at the regular lunch meeting on February 15 2018.
Today 16 Rotarians are attending the regular lunch meeting giving 42% attendance
5.Christmas Social
A Christmas Social is to be held on Friday, December 8 at Elaine’s home. This will be a finger food potluck and BYOB starting at 7pm.
6.Membership and Mentoring Report  given by Trina
Trina spoke of the mentoring program and how the membership committee had met and were proceeding with the mentoring program especially for the newer members. She is hoping by all members serving on a committee, there will be more Club member involvement
Trina then spoke about Club Runner and how it can be used more efficiently.
She also addressed the use of Social media by the Club and how members can effectively inform the media of their guest speakers. She gladly offered her help.
7.            Club Incorporation
Andre feels more information is needed before it can be discussed further.
After much discussion on the various topics the meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm