Club & Meeting Details:
Attendance: 20 Rotarians/52%.  2 guests: Nora Fever, CB Port, and guest speaker: Jim Parsons, Mayor of Corner Brook
Feb 10th - Rotary Arts Centre having a gala/show/fundraiser 
Club Nominations - open for upcoming year.  Please discuss with Elaine Huxter.
Rotary Music- Committee meeting Jan 14th.  Festival starts March 10th.
Rotary Humber Club - seeking XL or XXL winter coats
Rotary Youth Exchange- seeking member to help coordinate their trip here at end of March
Rotarian Jennifer Walbourne hosted the Guest Speaker- Jim Parsons, Mayor of Corner Brook
Mayor Parsons spoke of budget review being very detailed as new council to start with deeper understanding of budget.  Managed to balance budget with no tax increase but difficult to achieve with $400K expense increase.  Very tight budget and not sure could do each year.
The mayor continued the rest of comments to link to the concerns he heard most when on the campaign trial re: flat economy, not enough young people, and politicians in-fighting.  
With regards to economy - the council plans to form a committee with volunteers from the community with administrative support to generate an economic strategy within a 6 month period. 
With regards to attractive to young people, the first step is the start of the phasing out of poll tax.  The Mayor then spoke of the infrastructure in recreation facilities such as pool, trails, etc that can add to quality of life and the tourism industry, as well.
With regards to politics, Mayor Jim Parsons felt there is a disconnect between city hall and the community.  Communication is often a part of any issues that arise.  They are in the process of setting up community committees consisting of city staff, council members and stakeholders that will meet quarterly.  The 5 committees will be related to:
- Accessibility & Inclusivitiy
- Community Services that relate to the social problems in the community
- Recreation
- Arts
- Environment.
As well, in order to have council business to be more transparent, the council meeting agenda that is public will now also include all the background information that is prepared for council members for the meeting discussion.
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.