Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   April 11 2019
Andre chaired the meeting
Club Assembly
Trina spoke that it had been decided not to sponsor Ribfest this year. The possible partnerships are not in place and many possible partners are involved with the Corner Brook Come Home Year celebrations.  It is hoped to consider this again for next year
Guest Speakers
Linda asked Rotarians hosting guest speakers in the next few weeks to contact her. She would also like the names of speakers or organizations, which she could contact as guest speakers.
Rotary Auction 
Co-chair Andre spoke about the auction plans.
The tickets are printed and Lorraine is looking after their selling. Tickets cost $50.  Jackie, co-chair will help coordinate the seating plan on the night of May 11 at Canada House, Civic Centre.  
Linda, her husband Neil and Kathleen will look into decorations.
 Noreen is going be in charge of the donated items’ silent auction.                                  All Rotarians have been a given a list of businesses to approach for donations and Rotarians are urged to request donations as soon as possible. 
Gerry has agreed to look after the raffles that are planned to liven the evening
Elaine will be in charge of the banking arrangements.
Olaf with Ellen will be looking after the dessert auction
Andre noted that help would be needed from all Rotarians particularly as the date gets closer. This is the major fundraiser for the Club and monies raised will be used to benefit local, provincial, national and international projects.
Discussion about the auction followed and the meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm
  Rotary Reminders and Information
Rotary 2019 Auction:Date: Saturday, May 11
Venue: Canada House, Civic Centre, and Corner Brook. Tickets cost $50