Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   April 18 2019
Andre chaired the meeting
Club Business
Rotary Auction 
Andrereminded Rotarians to drop off at Gerry’s home a bottle of wine for the Auction wine raffle.
 Noreenwould like the list of donated items ASAP so she can start to organize and tabulate the donated items for the bidding auction sheets.  
The tickets are moving quickly so for anyone requiring tickets do contact Lorraine
Paulais organizing the dessert auction desserts.  
Gerryis planning some different raffle ideas. Let Gerry know if you have any different ideas.
Guest Speaker
Jackie introduced her guest speaker Jamie Fowlow whose talk topic was “ Are the best decisions being made for the future of Marble Mountain if all the stake holders are excluded from the decision making process.’
Jamie spoke as a concerned citizen of the area. He began by commenting on the fate of the Western Brook Trail last year. He continued by speaking of what had happened to Black Bank Park over the years since it ceased being a provincial park and became privatized and now is really an uncared for area.
He went on to speak of Marble Mountain and how when the old board was dismissed the new board now consists of civil servants, all from the St John’s area.  The present board actually contravenes its own byelaws. 
Jamie reviewed the revenue and general finances of Marble Mountain Development Corporation over the past couple of years.  He feels local stakeholders need to be involved in any decisions regarding the future of Marble Mountain.  He urged Rotarians to spread word of the concern felt about what will happen to Marble Mountain by contacting members of the private and public sector.
Martin thanked Jamie. The meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm
  Rotary Reminders and Information
Rotary 2019 Auction:Date: Saturday, May 11
Venue: Canada House, Civic Centre, and Corner Brook. Tickets cost $50