Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   August 29 2019
President Trina hosted the meeting
Club Business
Club Member News –
 Report on Ron’s Health
Verbon reported that Ron would now be in St John’s after being in the hospital here for quite a time. He will require further procedures resulting from his heart surgery in the spring. Everyone wishes him well.
Canadian Transplant Athlete Jim
Jim was welcomed home after participating in the World Transplant Games held in Newcastle, England.  Jim will be giving a program in September about his experiences, impressions and the different fellow athletes he met.
Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE)
Trina thanked all Rotarians who were involved in making the visitors from Oregon on the RFE so welcome. Oregonians really enjoyed their visit to the west coast and they hope club members will consider visiting Oregon next year on the return RFE.
Budget Presentation
Jackie has the budget completed and will present it to the Club in September
Guests, Jensen Stanley from Deer Lake, and Gus Yepiz from the Rotary Club of Cochrane, Alberta were introduced and welcomed. Gus gave a Rotary banner from his club to Trina who then presented him with a banner from the Club.   Peter Noseworthy from the Rotary Club of Humber was also greeted.
Club Discussion
The main body of the meeting involved a group discussion focusing on the presentation District Governor Louisa Horne had given. The topics identified possible directions the Club could take in the future and what possible community service could be undertaken taking into account member’s time commitment, club’s financial outlay and possible partnerships.   Much discussion resulted at the individual lunch tables as well as shared general discussion.    Some of the present community service projects were identified, as was the need for membership to be fully engaged in these projects. 
 At the next meeting a group discussion is planned to exchange more ideas and thoughts 
Jim looked after the Rotary Wheel and when the wheel was spun good news stories were shared with the money raised being given to the scholarship fund.
The meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm