Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting February 13  2020

Program - Chair  Andre chaired the meeting.

Club Business

Chinese Food Night

Gerry reminded everyone of the Chinese  Dinner social evening on Thursday, February 20  at 6 pm at the New Garden Restaurant,West Street.  Dinner is a buffet with dessert.  There will be no lunch meeting on February 20.

Rotary Read A-Long

Kathleen asked for volunteer readers for the Read A-Long on Friday, February 28 at 10.30am at CC Loughlin School.  22 readers will be needed plus 4 volunteers to accompany special guests.

Music Festival

Paula reported that shortly Debbie and Ian will be looking for volunteers to assist with the staffing of Music Festival sessions. The Festival starts on March 21.


Sharlene Brophy from the St John’s Rotary Club was welcomed.


Andre welcomed and introduced his guest Sergeant Brad Saint of the RNC who spoke about the detection of drug impaired driving when alcohol is not involved. Sergeant Saint is a drug recognition expert who has been trained in the detection of impaired driving from stimulation, depressant, hallucinogen and opioid drug impairment from legal and /or illegal drugs. 

He began by talking about the program. which began in the 1970s in Los Angeles and is now  open to all police officers and agencies. This program came to Newfoundland and Labrador in 2008. He went on to explain the different tests applied to an impaired  person.

The first test would be a breath test to rule out alcohol  followed by the arresting officer interviewing the person, taking three pulse rate recordings.  The officer would check for outward eye signs, divided attention tests including balance tests, vital signs would be noted, and nasal and oral cavities be checked plus muscle tone tests.  The officer would search for injection sites, interview the suspect to get a statement and toxicology samples would be taken.

Sergeant Saint went on to describe the seven major drug categories and in each one gave examples of the different drugs in that category and the resulting observable behaviours. Basically the categories are - central nervous system depressants and stimulants; inhalants; dissociative anesthetics, cannabis, hallucinogens and narcotic analgesics.

He went on to discuss the laws relating to impaired driving before answering questions from the floor.   He was thanked for the very informative and interesting presentation.

The meeting was adjourned at 1.40pm