Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting February 27  2020

Program - Chair  Leslie chaired the meeting.

Leslie welcomed and introduced the five students from CBRHS and their sponsor teacher John Dennison.  She spoke about the Adventure in Citizen program held annually in Ottawa sponsored by the Rotary Club of Ottawa.  

The five students Morgan Sheppard, Maryam Taj, Keisha Marche, Kallie Biggin and Maggie Hunt were to each speak on the topic “What it means to be Canadian”.   The Rotarian judges Martin, Olaf and Jeff had interviewed the students earlier.  

The winner of the speakoff would be sponsored to attend the Rotary Adventure in Citizenship program  in Ottawa April 26 - 29 2020. 

The  girls all gave excellent talks with each reflecting their own thoughts on being a Canadian.

 The judges spent time deciding the winning talk before announcing that Maryam Taj was the student selected to go to Ottawa with Kallie Biggin the alternate choice. Congratulations were extended  to Maryam on her success and the other students for their participation.

Club Business

Rotary Read A-Long

Kathleen reminded Rotarians of the Read A-Long on Friday, February 28 at 10.30am at CC Loughlin School.  

Music Festival

Paula reported that next week the Music Festival program would be available on the web page.  Volunteers would attend the next Rotary lunch and volunteer sign up sheets would be passed around. She urged all Rotarians to volunteer to help at the different Music Festival sessions.

Rotary Auction

Linda spoke about the progress to date. She passed around a sample Carribean-themed donor letter for comments. These letters will be distributed to Rotarians in the next couple of weeks. She reminded Rotarians to speak with Verbon if they have thought of new possible donor businesses.



Trina informed everyone that at the executive meeting the executive decided to donate $250 to help a special local athlete's mother accompany her son to Thunder Bay for the Special Athletic Games. The athlete Philip  and his mother will speak to the Club after the Games to talk about their experiences.

Trina thanked Grenfell Campus for sponsoring the books  for the Rotary Read A-Long.

She pointed out that the Stephenville Rotary Club has changed its meeting times to twice a month. The meetings will be  the first Wednesday of the month at 12 noon, the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm,  in the Kindale Library, 45 Carolina Avenue, Stephenville

InterAct Club

John Dennison, who is the teacher sponsor for the Interact Club  spoke of the Club’s activities and pointed out that the speakers in the speakoff are all Interact members,

In Memoriam

Condolences from the Club go to Bridget and Andre on the recent passing of her mother and to Noreen and Gerry on the recent passing of his mother Vera.  

The meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm