Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   February 7 2019
Director of Club Services Linda chaired the meeting
Guest Petrina Brake was introduced and welcomed
Club Business 
Rib Fest
Gerry spoke about the enthusiasm at the last Rib Fest meeting.  The next meeting will be at noon on February 15 at the Port Authority.  All Rotarians who are interested in the planning of Rib Fest are encouraged to attend.
Rotary Read A-Long on March 6 at 9.30am at JJ Curling School.
Volunteers to read are still needed and Rotarians to accompany the special guests to each classroom. If anyone can spare an hour on the morning of March 6 to do this please let Jeff or Kathleen know.
Guest Speaker on February 14
Bernd informed everyone that next week the guest speaker will be Mayor Jim Parsons. He encouraged Rotarians to being guests to the meeting
Guest Speaker
Program-chair Connie introduced Dr Bonnie White of Grenfell Campus who spoke about some of the social, political and economic changes resulting in Britain from the First World War. Her illustrated talk began by contrasting the silence in France after November 11 1918 and the noise in Trafalgar Square, London where vast crowds celebrated the Armistice.  She went on to talk about some decisions that had to be made politically and socially after the war. During the war, women had been employed in huge numbers but at the end women were asked to step aside and to return to domestic work to make room for returning soldiers.   There was a surplus of women and one scheme that was not successful was to have marriage banks to encourage women to marry wounded soldiers.  Bonnie also touched on the electoral franchise changes for both men and women.   
All countries involved in the war had to deal with its cost.  This meant the government had to devise different schemes to raise money. One of the good consequences of the war was that advances made in the medical field, in transportation and technology could be adapted to civilian use.
She spoke how the poppy became a symbol of remembrance and hope after   Armistice Day. The money raised by the British Legion was used to help veterans. 
Olaf thanked Bonnie for her interesting and informative talk after she had answered several questions
The meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm
  Rotary Reminders and Information
President Trina is recovering well from her surgery. She is home and is recuperating. Best wishes from everyone to you Trina.
Guest Speaker Thursday, February 14:  Program-chair Bernd announced Corner Brook Mayor, Jim Parsons will be speaking at next week’s meeting.
Rib Fest Meeting; Noon at Port Authority on Friday, February 15. Rotarians interested in planning this event are urged to attend.
Rotary Read A-Long: To be held at JJ Curling School, Woodbine Avenue at 9.30am. Volunteer Rotarians and friends are asked to arrive at the school between 9-9.15am to determine the class to which they will be reading and peruse the book. The books bought by the Club and chosen by the school will be displayed
Rotary 2019 Auction          Date: Saturday, May 11
Venue: Canada House, Civic Centre, and Corner Brook