Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting February 7  2020

President  Trina chaired the meeting.

Club Business

Chinese Food Night

Gerry reminded everyone that he would like to hear from all Rotarians if they are able or not to come to the Chinese  Dinner evening on Thursday, February 20 for dinner at 6 pm  at the New Garden Restaurant,West Street.  Dinner is a buffet and includes dessert.   Tea, coffee etc. are extra. There is bar service with wine available.   The cost per person is 16.99 plus tax plus tip.  

Music Festival

Paula reminded her committee there is a meeting on Sunday at the Glynmill Inn.

Rotary Auction

Linda asked that all Rotarians volunteer to be on one of the organising teams for the Auction. Then Verbon requested that any Rotarian wishing to approach a particular business for an Auction donation  should inform him so there will not be duplication of donation requests. 


Program-chair Jennifer introduced and welcomed her father Floyd Spracklin who spoke about how he became a published author and then read from his book Shellbird.

He began by talking about his father and the bedtime stories he would tell. This with family encouragement started Floyd writing stories which he has done throughout his life. He began 30 years ago writing Shellbird, a book about two teenagers looking for buried treasure on Shellbird Island and their adventures. Floyd then read a section from Shellbird before answering different questions. 

One question put to him was if it was difficult finding a publisher. He  talked about his experience in doing so and finding his publisher DRC in St John’s and the different rewrites needed before the book was published.

Jennifer thanked him on behalf of the Club for the interesting talk.

Jim spun the Rotary Wheel and good new stories were shared. One of which was the Christmas dinner for 350 people  that Trina organized at the Westside Tabernacle on Christmas day.

Trina then spoke further about this before the meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm.