Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting  January 16 2020

Program-chair Chris chaired the meeting.


Jennifer introduced her father Floyd Spracklin


Chris introduced and welcomed Dr Scott MacKenzie and Dr Paul Woolfry  whose presentation was about the program called ‘Legs 4 Africa’. This program exists to provide physical and emotional rehabilitation for amputees living in Africa.

 Scott began began by giving an overview of the program and spoke how Rotary could be involved and give support to the program. There are over 4.5 million amputees in Africa. This  charity to date has recycled 7243 prosthetic legs to be sent to Africa. In Africa, accidents, diabetes , snake bites, local bush and landmines are the main causes of amputation The resulting limb loss can leave a person feeling hopeless, dependent and socially isolated.

The charity was founded by Tom Williams from England. In most of the world prosthetics cannot be reused and recycled . This charity collects prosthetic limbs which in conjunction with Men’s Sheds, non-profit local organisations,  are then collected, dismantled and sent to Africa. Scott spoke further about the Men’s Shed organisation and its partnership with Legs4Africa. 

To date besides donating prosthetic legs there are 34 limb fitting centres providing Legs4Africa with returned limbs, and 16 limb fitting centres in 7 African countries where new legs are built from recycled components.  Rotary Clubs in England help to collect prosthetic legs from hospitals and Rotary Clubs also give financial support.

Paul showed slides of the work being done in Africa and the need for more work to be done. He spoke of his visit to England and the work done in Men’s Sheds to aid Legs4Africa by dismantling prosthetics

Dr Scott MacKenzie and Dr Paul Woolfry hope to have more involvement in Newfoundland with a depot based in Corner Brook where prosthetic parts can be collected and then sent to Africa.  They feel that by Legs4Africa partnering with Rotary Clubs the recycling of prosthetic limbs would be extended throughout the world.

Chris thanked Dr Scott MacKenzie and Dr Paul Woolfry for there interesting presentation that gave Rotarians much to think about including their possible involvement in Legs4Africa

The meeting was adjourned at 1.40pm