Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting  January 9 2020

Program-chair Olaf chaired the meeting.

Club Business

Club Dues

Treasurer Jackie informed everyone that she had sent out invoices for the semi-annual January 1 dues. She would appreciate prompt payment and the preferred method would be to pay online with a credit card.

Next week she will contact Rotarians who have outstanding dues from previous years.

Future Programs

Verbon announced that the scheduled program with Dr Paul Woolfrey and Dr Scott MacKenzie talking about ‘Legs for Africa’ had to be changed at the last minute but will be held next week at the meeting on  Thursday, January 16.


Program-chair Olaf introduced and welcomed  George French, archivist and manager of the Corner Brook Museum and was thanked for being able to speak at short notice.

George began by giving on update on the excellent year that the museum had enjoyed.  Over 4,400 people visited the museum with about a quarter of the visitors from cruise ships. The museum is open about 6 months of the year.

About 5 years ago a strategic plan was drawn up resulting in improvements in the facility  with a new upgraded heating system and improved lighting system. The next improvement will be a multi-media system, bathroom upgrades plus  the refurbishing of a newly opened space. This will result in better accessibility to the third floor and create new exhibit possibilities particularly for travelling exhibits.

Plans for the future involve a commemoration of the local paper mill’s beginning in 1925. In 2023 - 25 there will be special events culminating with in 2025 a celebration and  history of the paper mill in Corner Brook.

Bernd thanked George for his informative and interesting talk.

Under Jim, the Rotary Wheel was spun and good news stories were shared

The meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm