Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   June 11 2019
President Trina chaired the meeting
Club Business
Club Member News
Rotarian Ron was welcomed back after his bypass surgery in the spring.
Trina congratulated Rotarian Linda on her provincial Award of Excellence in Nursing from the ARRNNL
Our Roterrier puppy-mascot given to the Club by the district has been christened Danny in memory of the Club’s long time member Danny Faour.
Gerry informed everyone that Rotarian Ann would be organizing a Rotary social for August 5 to attend the dinner theatre, Leroy’s Diner at the Elk’s Club Hall. Rotarians are asked to reserve this date to attend this fun event. Ann will be sending out the details
Rotary Friendship Exchange
Trina told of the Friendship Exchange when 5 couples from District 5110, Oregon will arrive in Corner Brook on Monday August 19 to 22nd. Billet homes are requested for these Rotarians and their spouses. Trina would like to know if any Rotarians could host our fellow American Rotarians for one or more nights during the week of August 19. She will have more details of their visit later. 
Program Chair
A program chair is needed for August 15.
Under Jim’s guidance the Rotary Wheel was spun and good news’ stories were shared.
Guests and Guest Speaker
Prospective member Ian Osmond was welcomed.
Trina introduced guest speaker District Governor Louisa Horne or as she refers to herself Chair of the District Leadership Team. This is not her official visit. She gave an inspiring visual presentation on making a Club more irresistible. She referred to the illustration in The Rotarian showing a flock of flamingos going one way and in the middle of the flock one flamingo heading in the opposite direction. Louisa is calling this -the flamingo of change.   She spoke of the courage needed to change by thinking not outside the box but to think as if there is no box.  Rotary needs to do things differently to pivot and disrupt how things now happen. She illustrated her points by noting how defunct national businesses that did not change and move with the time are no more.
Louisa continued by talking about involving all Club members in projects illustrating this by highlighting the work done in the Yarmouth Club.
Rotary Clubs need to embrace flexibility whether in the type of Club, meeting, meeting times and meeting frequency depending on the needs of the Club. Her presentation was very insightful and full of positive steps a Club can take to become irresistible.
Trina thanked Louisa before the meeting wa