Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   October 17 2019

President  Trina hosted the meeting


Prospective Rotarians  Jensen Stanley and Brandon Rowe  were welcomed. 

Natasha Hynes representing  Kids Eat Smart was introduced and welcomed as was Art Brown.

Club Business

 Kathleen reminded Rotarians of the Rotary social to be held at the Glynmill Inn on Wednesday, November 6. The meal entree options will be salmon or prime rib.  Rotarians and their partners are invited to attend. The Glynmill Inn needs the number attending by November 2.

Rotary Headgear

Kathleen spoke of the possible options for club-named beanies or bob caps. She had samples from Megatrends and The Trophy Shop with the price ranges.  This will be investigated further.

Donation to Kids Eat Smart

Trina welcomed Natasha Hynes from  the Kids Eat Smart Foundation. Trina presented  a cheque of $1000 from the Club, to Natasha for the Foundation.

Natasha  thanked the Club and then gave a short talk about the Kids Eat Smart Foundation. 25years ago it was realized that there was a need for a school feeding program. This evolved into the provincial wide Kids Eat Smart Foundation. Now in each school every child is welcome to attend a nutritious breakfast meal provided by the Foundation. Over the years the Rotary Club of Corner Brook has donated over $15 thousand to the program.


Trina introduced guest presenter Debbie Brown, Development Officer for the Canadian Cancer Society in Corner Brook. Debbie began by reviewing the new vision of the Canadian Cancer Society  through its manifesto and discussing each point further. For a person diagnosed and the families involved she said, it is good to remember that Life is bigger than Cancer.

She spoke about the innovative research being through the Society and went on to note the increases in cancer survival rate have much to do with the advances in research and treatment. The rates of cancer are high in Newfoundland so she continued her presentation by identifying risks that can be reduced by life-style changes for particular cancers.

She suggested the website for more information. 

Debbie then highlighted the support given to people from Western Newfoundland through the local office and in St John’s through Daffodil Place.

Trina thanked Debbie for her informative talk

Jim spun the Rotary Wheel collecting monies for the Scholarship fund as good news stories were shared

The meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm