Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   October 24 2019

Program-chair Olaf  chaired the meeting


Prospective Rotarians  Jensen was welcomed. 

Club Business

 Kathleen reminded Rotarians of the Rotary social to be held at the Glynmill Inn on Wednesday, November 6. The meal entree options will be salmon or prime rib.  Rotarians and their partners are invited to attend. The Glynmill Inn needs the number attending by November 2 so please let Gerry or Kathleen know with your entree choice by Friday, November 1 if you plan to attend and haven’t already informed them.

Rotarian Jennifer

Kathleen reported that Jennifer is hoping to have back surgery before Christmas. She is in the process of moving to Mattie Mitchell Avenue. Our good wishes go to her and her husband in their new home.

Adventure in Citizenship Program

Information has been received about the 2020 program which will be held April 26-29 2020 in Ottawa. This program is for high school students in Grade 11 and 12. This information will be forwarded to CBRHS.


Olaf introduced guest speaker David Smallwood from the Rotary Arts Centre (RAC). Before he spoke David handed out information about the RAC including  an operational overview of the Centre. In the handouts were information about Christmas shows and SmallWorks, Big Impact fundraiser to be held on November 15.

He went on to speak  of one of the challenges to keep activities fresh. Last year there were over 3600 visits to the Centre which included classical music concerts, theatrical performances and traditional music concerts.   Partnerships are very important and this year Grenfell Campus and the RAC have formed a partnership. One way this will be done is to encourage 4th year and recent graduates to study, direct and produce shows  for the community. Another connection to be made is to help non-Canadian students become involved in the community and probably stay and work here when their schooling is finished. Similar connections are being made with the visual arts students and instructors. Life drawing and embroidery workshops  are open to the public and are being run by Grenfell faculty

2020 will be the fifth anniversary of the Centre with celebrations throughout the year for the community , RAC and artists.   David thanked Rotary for its involvement both financially, through volunteers and support of shows and exhibitions. David finished his talk by speaking of the help given by volunteers. 

He noted there will be a  special film presentation on November 11 based on the production of 17 Men a TNL play based on the lives of 17 Northern Peninsula Men from Cow Head  who served in World War I.

OLaf thanked David and the meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm