Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   October 31 2019

Program-chair Kathleen chaired the meeting.


Everyone was delighted to welcome Paula‚Äôs daughter, Jessica from Edmonton. 

Club Business

Gerry reminded Rotarians of the Rotary social to be held at the Glynmill Inn next Wednesday, November 6. Rotarians are asked to gather around 6.30pm for the meal to be served at 7pm probably in the Carriage Room.  For any Rotarian who would like to attend please contact Gerry by Monday, November 4.

Ribfest 2020

The Rib truckers had approached Trina about holding a Ribfest in Corner Brook next year.   Trina explained how working partners would be needed for this to go ahead. Kinsmen were interested last year but were involved with Come Home Year. She has spoken to them about this. It was suggested that the City should be approached as this might be an event in which the City could be a lead organisation. It is a big project to take on even with governmental help. 


Program-chair Kathleen introduced and welcomed Amy Parsons. Engagement Coordinator for the Western Region of the Autism Society based in Corner Brook.

Amy began by speaking of her role and the work done in the area by the Autism Society. One of her roles  is to raise awareness about autism, which she does by speaking at schools throughout the Western region and to organisations.. She  advocates for autism sensory disorder, ASD adults and gives general support to parents, families and any one on the spectrum needing help. Last spring until October an employment transitional program was offered. This was successful so the plan is to offer this again in 2020. Programs are run for children like the Active Kids Skills Program  while in Stephenville there is a program Music for Autism Kids being offered. Another program for young adults is a Dungeon and Dragons Club. On site there is a playroom for ASD children which is also open to adults. Besides regular offerings there are special events such Killdevil Summer Camp, a Christmas party at Saltos gym just to give two examples.

Amy when on to talk about what autism spectrum disorder is. Newfoundland and Labrador is  the province with the highest prevalence of this disorder. Diagnosis is a lengthy observational team based process. It can be diagnosed at any age. In this disorder individuals see, hear and feel the world differently. This can result in social deficits,repetitive movements and the need to know what is coming next so routine is important.  ASD individuals can reacts to sensory stimuli differently and are very sensitive to sound, touch and light. She went on to discuss the different ways to help including sensory considerations and repetition of instructions. 

Jackie thanked Amy for her informative and excellent presentation.

The meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm