Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   October 6 2019

President  Trina hosted the meeting


 Minal Abhange and Brandon Rowe were welcomed. Minal a Stephenville Rotarian, has moved to Corner Brook and would like to transfer her Rotary membership to the Corner Brook Club.  Brandon is interested in joining Rotary and become a member of the Club.


Trina spoke of the recent donations that the Club has made.

A donation of $500 was given at the last meeting to Louise Gauthier to support the CB Nuit mentorship program.

A donation of $1000 has been given to the Sea Cadets to support their programs.

On Friday Trina with Minal will give a donation of $500 from the Club to the Western Memorial Hospital Radiothon.

A donation  request has been received from the RNC for a donation towards the DARE program that will start soon in the elementary schools.

A letter has been received from Natasha who now works with KIds Eat Smart and she would like to talk about the program at a Rotary meeting. The Club usually donates to this program.

The recipient of the Rotary Scholarship this year has completed the documentation required for the scholarship money to be given.


Kathleen for Gerry spoke about the proposed fall social. Interest was shown by all present so Gerry at the next meeting will  give the proposed date, location and format.

Rotary Arts Centre (RAC)

Olaf spoke of the upcoming varied programs at the RAC and urged Rotarians to attend. Each year the Club donates $5000  to the Centre.


Trina led a group discussion focusing on three themes dealing with community, service and time commitment.  The discussion looked into different meeting options an example have a monthly evening meeting. The program format was discussed with members wanting more programs as well as Club discussions.   The need for members to be assigned a committee was spoken about so that all members have a defined function. It was suggested that members are assigned a month in which to host a meeting rather than a set date with two members per month looking after programs.

The need for more social events was discussed as was the need for more community awareness and hands on service projects.

Trina will design a survey that will be sent to all members for further feedback on these issues.

The Rotary Wheel was spun and good news stories were shared

The meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm