The Spinner   September 26 2019      Rotary Club of Corner Brook
Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   September 26 2019
Program Chair Andre hosted the meeting
Club Business
Andre brought up some club business to be discussed at a later meeting.
Gerry proposed a Club social in October and he will look into that further.
Program Speaker
Andre introduced the executive director of CB Nuit, Louise Gauthier to speak of the festival. CB Nuit is to be held on the evening of Saturday, September 28 along West Street. The aim in the theme of the different acts and installations is to increase awareness of the effects of climate change.   For the evening submissions were invited with 12 projects being selected to be along West Street plus 5 musical acts.
A student mentorship program was designed and the Club is sponsoring this project with a donation of $500. In this project High School students under the mentorship of Professor Fallis, Grenfell Campus will devise a short French play Le Ratio Corner Brook that will be performed three times in the library during the evening.
Louise went on to discuss the different projects. The aim was to encourage artists to create unique projects linking different disciplines. Funding for the evening was received from municipal, provincial and federal agencies as well as corporate sponsors.
One of the main shows would be presented by Alley ‘Oop productions in collaboration with the ACC entitled Smokeshow
The festival will encourage participation by all that attend.   Workshops will also be held during the day before the evening festival.
Andre thanked Louise for her presentation and then presented her with a $500 cheque for the mentorship program.
       The meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm