Rotary Club of Corner Brook      Weekly Meeting Agenda   

Date:  ______________________________


Welcome and Call to Order:


    Singing of the Ode:  _________________________


    Rotary Grace:  _____________________________

             Oh Lord and Giver of all Good
            We thank thee for our daily food
           May Rotary friends and Rotary ways
           Help us to serve thee all our days.

    Rotary Toast:  Please join me in a toast to the Queen and Rotary International


Club Business:


    Rotary Minute:  _____________________________


    Introduction of Guests:  _______________________


    Attendance Report:  _________________________


    Presidents Report:


    Committee Reports:  _________________________







    Programme Chair:  ___________________________


    Programme Guest:  __________________________


    Guest Thank You:  ___________________________





    Rotary Wheel:  ______________________________


    Birthdays:  _________________________________


    Anniversaries:  ______________________________


    Next Week’s Programme:  _____________________


    Other:  _____________________________________


Sgt At Arms:  ______________________________________