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The Spinner June 10 2021
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, June 10, 2021
President Chris greeted everyone.
Guest Stan Pike was welcomed as was Jade Kearney the guest speaker, who would be introduced later by program - chair Jim.
Rotary Auction
Chris thanked Linda and her committee for their hard work in making the auction successful.
Auction Report
Andre gave a financial presentation/report on the auction.  He spoke on the benefits of using and the valuable information available from the site.
 The auction was very successful with all payments received. There had been 102 participants registered and an analysis of the data can be reviewed later. The profit from the auction is around $17,000 with a couple of bills to be paid.
This is a format that could be used again with a future  fundraiser being totally on line or a combination of on-line and in-person event.
Linda followed Andre’s report by stating that the winning items can be picked up on Thursday afternoon or on Friday, 9am – 4pm with any non-collected items to be distributed later.
End Polio Tulip Box Sale
Olaf, Tulip Box Sales’ chair spoke about the tulip box sales with 104 boxes having been ordered. He would like Rotarians to start collecting the monies owed for the tulip boxes sold and give it to him as cash or cheque made out to the Rotary Club. He stressed that this year there will be no extra boxes of bulbs available so Rotarians need to give him their orders ASAP.
Xavier House Bingo
Linda reported on the monies raised by Rotary at the May Xavier House Bingo. Another Bingo is slated for the end of the month and Rotarians will be asked to again help.  A message will be sent out as soon as the details are known.  This is a very worthwhile project.
Program-chair Jim introduced Jade Kearney, coordinator of the Mental Health Initiative, CMHI. 
 Jade began her presentation by explaining the function and role of CHMI.  CMHI is a community mental health initiative that is a charitable community organization that promotes mental health and wellness in the community though its mental health promotions, suicide prevention and awareness, and its community coalition on housing and homelessness. She described the board’s structure comprising of representatives from partnering agencies, members at large, community representatives and community group representatives.
Jade continued by speaking about each focus area of CHMI beginning with Mental House promotions. The work done has changed due to the pandemic by everything being offered virtually. One earlier project in conjunction with the School of Nursing, involved seniors being contacted and visited to prevent social isolation. Unfortunately, this had to be discontinued because of covid restrictions but Jade hopes as everything returns to normal this can be continued. Health Online is another program that is offered in workplaces. The program focuses on positive language and behaviours, talks on mental health etc. to employees.
Another area of focus is Suicide Prevention and Awareness. Several activities from a Tree of Memories, annual walk and open talks on suicide and its myths. In June there will be Self Care Retreat for survivors of suicide loss to be held at the Civic Centre on June 16 from 1/30 – 3.30pm. This is a free event for 30 people and registration is required. Over the years resources for suicide prevention and awareness have increased,
The Community Coalition on Housing and Homelessness is based on the belief that housing is needed for everyone and it needs to be affordable. Research is now being done based on tenants and landlords’ views on the needs in the community.  The Community Coalition on Housing owns and operates several affordable housing units in Western Newfoundland but of course more are needed.  Her talk finished with contact numbers for each sector of CMHI.
 After answering questions Bernd thanked Jade on behalf of the club and the meeting was adjourned.