The Spinner June 4 2020

Notes from the Rotary Zoom Meeting  12.30pm Thursday June 4 2020 

President Trina chaired the meeting.

Trina welcomed all attending especially the new zoomers Ron and Martin.

She began the meeting by bringing everyone up to date with  what the Corner Brook Club had been doing since the last live meeting. The executive has met a couple of times and at the last meeting it was decided until the finances have been reviewed for the beginning of the Rotary year July 1st only a couple of donations would be made.


Rotarians and friends made two batches of face masks  which were sent to Halifax, NS as a fundraiser  for the Club.  Trina is awaiting the exact monies raised but her initial estimate is around $17,500. She hopes to know the exact amount shortly and will let everyone know by email.

Facemasks for Lohnes Seniors Complex

A request was received via Facebook  from the staff of the Lohnes Complex for face masks.

Elaine and Lorraine volunteered to make and deliver 27 masks to the staff from Rotary which they did last month.

Food Bank

Members of the executive and Rotarians  approached different agencies and seniors homes for possible help that Rotary could give them.   

Ann spoke with the Salvation Army  Foodbank  director. The Foodbank is in dire need of help. Trina sent an email suggesting Rotarians individually donate the meal monies saved to the local Food Bank. Olaf suggested  when this is done that Rotarians in the comment section should note this is being done individually by Rotarians. The Food Bank would prefer financial help rather than food items. The SA are also distributing seniors’ kits plus volunteers help feed truckers in Port aux Basques. Rotarian Paula volunteered for this and spent a week helping.

The details from Trina on how to make your foodbank donation:-

You can donate several ways and a receipt will be granted.  

Email transfer:

Via this link:


Or go to their FB page.... The Food Bank Network of the Bay of Islands Ministerial Association, Inc. to find the link to Canada Helps.


Food Vouchers

Social worker with Newfoundland Housing,  Jacqueline Carey was contacted and she indicated there was a great need for food vouchers for several families. At the executive meeting June 1 it was decided that 10-$50 food vouchers from Colemans would be donated  by Rotary to be given to families in dire need through Jacqueline’s help. Linda has bought the food vouchers and given them to Jacqueline for distribution.

This is noted with a photo on the Rotary FaceBook page.


Incoming Executive

Trina welcomed Chris as the Club President for the coming year.

The incoming executive 2020-21 

 President:    Chris 

 Past President:  Trina                     Vice-president:  Lorraine

Secretary:     Kathleen                  Treasurer:   Jackie

Directors:    Andre,  Jennifer,  Olaf,   Linda  

Annual Rotary Dues

The annual dues are paid biannually. Linda and Kathleen attended the Zoom District 7820 AGM last Friday. At the meeting DG Louisa announced that the distinct will waive its club dues from July 1- December 30th.  The executive discussed this and felt this should benefit club members so the first installment of the dues for 2020-21 will be reduced. 


Weekly Meetings

At the moment the meetings will be conducted by Zoom until protocols change

At the next meeting the financial state of the club will be discussed etc

Hopefully by late summer a social will be able to be held at Georges Lake


District 7820 AGM

Linda gave a brief report  of the meeting.

The new DG is Ian Doyle from Sydney NS

There are no plans to host a live convention next year.

DG Louisa ‘s Roterrier Beacon was given a Paul Harris Fellowship for the work done by the mascot and Louisa.


Club Banner

The district has bought each club a new pull up banner. These will be distributed during the summer.


District  Coffee and Conversation  Gatherings

A message from DG Louisa:-

There are 3 more Thursday morning Coffee and Conversation sessions – 

Upcoming sessions will be interesting – next week will be  the incoming VP for RI, Johrita Solari, from California  followed by Michael Angelo Caruso who is a marketing/public image expert in Michigan and the  final session is with Cecily Smith from NYC – she is an expert in online fundraising .  

Previous sessions are all on YouTube –  


Topic: Coffee and Conversation - Thursdays @ 10.30 -11.30am NDT

Zoom details have been sent by Louisa to Rotarians.


When the business meeting was completed Trina hosted a round table with all members participating

The meeting adjourned at 1.30pm


Will all Rotarians please check their information on ClubRunner particularly  their date of birth. The District is gathering statistics about district membership  and correct data is needed.         Thank you.