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The Spinner October 29 2020

Notes from the Rotary Meeting  12.30pm Thursday, October 29 2020 

President Chris welcomed everyone to the lunch meeting.

Club Business

District 7820 and 7810 Zoom District  Conference

Linda had attended this zoom conference on October 24. She spoke highly of this joint district conference  as the coming plans for the new amalgamated 7815 district planned for 2022, were discussed.   In Linda’s view, the conference held over Zoom was amazing. She commended  the planning committee and  noted all was recorded so that every Rotarians can view the different talks. This past year a total of $166,215.78 US had been  raised to fight Polio. Pictures of the super-bulb - sellers from the Rotary Club of Corner Brook were displayed for the world to see. 

October Club Activities

Chris reviewed the two activities.

The first was the Club’s help with the Xavier Drive-In Bingo and what a good project this was for members to be involved in. The evening went well and it was a financial success for Xavier House. Donna had sent an email with her thanks to the Club

The next October project was the city’s proclamation  denoting October 24 as World Polio Day followed by donated tulip bulb planting on the lawn, West Street around the new Corner Brook sign’s base. This went well and hopefully in the spring there will be a beautiful display of tulips.

Kids Eat Smart Foundation

Natasha Hynes, Western Region, Northern Peninsula and Labrador regional coordinator attended the meeting and received a cheque from the Club for $500. Ron with Chris presented the cheque. The money raised through Ron’s ‘Chase the Card’ game each meeting with Club funds added goes to the Foundation. Natasha thanked the Club and even though the school breakfasts have changed because of covid the sponsored  ‘Grab and Go breakfasts are in all the schools


Program Chair Lorraine introduced the guest speaker Gaylene Buckle, longtime general manager of TNL, Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador.

Gaylene began by reviewing what had happened in the 41st year of the company due to covid. All live performances in the new theatre had to be cancelled. The theatre had been scheduled to be opened for the season but  due to delays they are hoping the theatre will be open for tours of the building in late November. She went on to speak of the development and plans of the new theatre and how it had been funded. The building is in the centre of Cow Head and will be an integral part of the community. The building will hold besides the theatre --  studio space, storage space, costume and property space etc making it  a very efficient building for the theatre company. She went on to speak of the government and private funding which allowed the theatre building to be  built

Plans for the 2021 season will be decided in January or February. The season if offered will be the one for 2020 that had been cancelled.

She spoke of the CBC documentary that will be shown in November based on  the  play ‘17 Men” and the film documentary about its development. The play is based on the 17 men from the Northern peninsula who lost their lives in World War I and whose names are recorded on the War Memorial in Cow Head.

Elaine thanked Gaylene for her informative and interesting talk.

The meeting adjourned at 1.30pm

Next Rotary Lunch Meeting - Thursday, November 12th 2020 at Glynmill Inn at 12.30pm