The Spinner Bulletin November 9 2023
The Spinner November 9 2023
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, November 9, 2023
President Jackie chaired the meeting.
Club Business
Fundraiser Toonie Quest West
 The weekly Toonie Quest West draw took place earlier today with no winner for this week.   This means next week the winner will receive double winnings. Make sure you have paid your toonie for this week’s draw. 
 On Wednesday afternoon as usual collected toonies and bills were counted and collated. Rotarians and Xavier House representatives had collected all the monies earlier in the day from the different stores.  
Each Wednesday Rotary will be looking for volunteers to empty and collect the monies for the weekly draw and in the afternoon at the Port Office, to help with the counting and collating of the collected money. 
Don’t forget to drop by to help if you can between 1pm and 3pm.
Guest Speaker
Guests from outside the province, Nick Healey and Jennifer Snow were welcomed as were prospective Rotarians from Xavier House, Donna Luther, Karen Foley, and Darlene Compagnon.
Program-chair Peggy introduced guest speaker Alison Duffell. Alison a registered massage therapist and Reiki master is the owner and operator of the 
Meridian Holistic Health Center, Corner Brook which offers a variety of natural healing services designed to restore the mind, body, and soul.
Alison talked on The Mind - Body Connection.
Alison began by talking about her own career and how passionate she is about the mind-body connections in her work as a massage therapist and the value of being aware of life-force energy. She spoke more about life force energy which includes the energy a person gives out to the world.  She went on to speak of studies looking at mind-body connection. She noted that when people try to improve their posture, their confidence also increases,
She went on o speak of the benefits gained when smiling and how a smile.
can help combat stress. She urged her audience to practice smiling as this helps everyone feel better. She continued by speaking how love is the most powerful universal energy. Everyone should practice loving oneself first. The other emotion to celebrate is joy particularly in everyday life. Write down things that bring you joy and remember to be joyful for simple things, have joy in movement, in the creative arts and in recognizing other people’s joy. Remember also that peace of spirit, forgiveness of self are all lessons well learnt that are important when looking at the mind-body connection. Alison finished with a quote before answering questions and being thanked by Kathleen for her interesting, informative talk and by listening to the laughter and smiles that followed her talk most enjoyable.
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