The Spinner Bulletin February 9 2023
The Spinner February 9 2023
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, February 9, 2023
Vice - President Olaf chaired the meeting.
Club Business
Linda reminded Rotarians of the fundraising/ auction meeting on Tuesday February 21st at Jackie’s office at The Port at noon.
All Rotarians are asked to come along, if possible, to share ideas and to discuss plans for the major fundraiser for the year.
Guest Speaker
Program – Chair Andre introduced the guest speaker Karen Skinner, Chair of the 50th Corner Brook Winter Carnival.
Karen began her presentation by handing out 50th Winter Carnival booklets. The Carnival starts on Friday, February 17th and closes on Sunday, February 26th. Karen began by speaking of the challenges in planning activities after a break due to covid restrictions and concerns.
This year there will be 87 events and one or two are not in the booklet, but all are on the Carnival web page. Before the carnival starts there is the Elementary School Slogan Contest and the Winter Ambassador’s Contest
The Winter Carnival Slogan contest was won by the Grade 6 class at Eastside Elementary, teacher Sonya Salyzyn. The winning slogan is “Come along with me and you’ll see the MAGICAL winter happenings of Carnival 2023’. The next pre-Carnival event was the selection of two Corner Brook Winter Carnival Social Media Ambassadors.   Max Pittman and Teagan Dwyer were the high school students selected and during Winter Carnival, they will be filling social media with their experiences.
This year there is a special button to mark the 50th Winter Carnival.
Karen looked at the different activities in the booklet starting with the Opening Ceremonies that begin with the flag raising at 6pm at City Hall on the 17th. She identified the new activities this year and how there are different activities for every age from daily meals, dances, snow activities, demonstrations and fun contests and shows. Karen’s enthusiasm was catching and there will be much to do and enjoy during Winter Carnival.
Karen answered questions before being thanked by Bernd on behalf of the club.
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