Dear Community Face Mask Sewers

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Corner Brook I want to thank you for your significant contribution to the club’s project to provide face masks, for use at a senior’s home. Due to the urgent need at the time, your willingness to rush the making of the masks is greatly appreciated and no doubt helped in keeping the cases of covid-19 lower than otherwise possible.

The project provided our club with over $17,00.00, allowing us to support annual programs of the club such as Sea Cadets, Music Festival, Adventure in Citizenship and Rotary Arts Centre and Kids Eat Smart to name just a few. In fact, without this successful project we would not have been able to support our programs in the coming year.

Once again, our thanks for your willing support of these local programs which otherwise would have been a significant loss to our community.


Martin Steele on behalf of the Rotary Club of Corner Brook