Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, November 11, 2021
Program - chair Elaine welcomed everyone to the meeting which she also chaired.
She passed on President Chris’ regrets at not being able to attend. She welcomed the many guests. These were Jerry Etienne, Michael Waller and Ian Sutherland from Grenfell Campus, her husband Bob and from the Rotary Arts Centre David Smallwood and Samantha (Sam) Osmond. Her guest speaker Santiago Guzman she would introduce in more detail later. Kathleen welcomed Mishal Abdulla the communications Officer at the Association for New Canadians. 
After welcoming Rotarians and guests Elaine spoke about today being Remembrance Day and its special significance to all and the Ode to Newfoundland was sung.
While the meal was being eaten Club Business was discussed
Club Business
Christmas Social
Gerry spoke of the Christmas social on December 14 beginning with a social hour at President Chris’ home followed by a concert at the RAC.  Twenty-seven people had already booked tickets for the show but there was still time for anyone still interested in attending the show to contact him to book tickets.
Association of New Canadians
Guest Mishal spoke briefly and passed out a flyer about the help offered to new Canadians.
Rotary Arts Centre
Guest David spoke about the fundraiser to be held the following week. The cost was $100 and after a social time, names would be drawn, and the winner could then select a donated artwork He urged Rotarians to buy tickets
Elaine introduced Santiago Guzman a writer, performer and director for theatre and film originally from Mexico City and now living in St John’s.
Santiago began by speaking of his life and how he made the decision to attend Grenfell Campus and study for a Fine Arts degree in theatre in acting. He wanted to combine theatre and communications.  He talked about arriving at Grenfell and how initially most of his friends were like him international students but as time passed his fellow theatre students became his close friends. His passion is theatre and its many different aspects. In his fourth student year he wrote a play about his experiences as an immigrant. Since then, he has written more plays and now he has one shortlisted for a festival in St John’s. Santiago wants to create a platform for people like himself. He also wants to work as an artist with and about the community in which he is living. He talked about his own different experiences and how he wants to share these with others. He is honoured to be acting in his play Altar at the Rotary Arts Centre later in the week.
Linda thanked him for his fascinating talk and wished him well in the future.
The meeting was then adjourned.