Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, September 1, 2022
New President Jackie chaired the meeting held in the Viking Room, Greenwood Inn and Suites.
Rotarians were welcomed after a summer meeting break. Meetings for the moment will be at the Greenwood Inn. The Glynmill Inn is not able to hold lunch meetings at the moment due to staffing concerns.   Rotarians enjoyed the buffet meal while chatting together after the summer break. Two social functions were held in the summer. One was at Bishop’s Tavern, Marble Mountain and the other a barbeque and corn boil at Chris’ cabin. Both were greatly enjoyed by Rotarians, spouses and guests who attended.
Club Business
Jackie welcomed guest Carol’s daughter Bree to the meeting.
President Jackie in her previous role as treasurer, began the business meeting by passing out a Balance Sheet for the 2021 -22 year and Profit and Loss statement for the club.  Lorraine will be the new treasurer for the coming year.    Jackie reviewed the Balance Sheet explaining different items. She then reviewed the Profit and Loss statements for the two previous years. 
Last year no fundraising event was held so Jackie stressed the need for the club to plan fundraisers for the coming year.
In the spring it was suggested that a fundraiser event could be held at the Rotary Arts Centre. This idea was further discussed. Olaf will speak with David Smallwood, RAC manager to investigate the possibilities of doing this. Much discussion followed as to the possibilities of combining a fundraising concert with a silent auction, raffles or even an on-line auction during the year. Many suggestions were made during the discussion. 
 Jackie asked that all club members consider joining the fundraising committee.  This committee should be formed as soon as possible, and Rotarians are asked to volunteer to serve on this committee.  Kathleen will send out a message to all members asking for volunteers to join the fundraising committee.
The meeting adjourned at 1.30pm.