Notes from the Rotary Meeting  12.30pm Thursday, September 17 2020 

President Chris welcomed everyone to the lunch meeting.

Two guests Donna Luther from Xavier House and Ken Walsh, Association of New Canadians were introduced and spoke at the meeting.

Xavier House Fundraiser -Drive -in Bingo on October 18that Corner Brook Plaza

The first speaker Donna, introduced by Lorraine, started the meeting before lunch by speaking of the Xavier House fundraiser on October 18 and the volunteer help needed .  She began by outlining the work done by not-for-profit Xavier House and how extra raised funds would be used. It is a 20 bed house run by the Presentation sisters and  Western Health. This year with covid restrictions the Xavier board are planning a drive-in bingo at the Corner Brook Plaza parking lot.  20 - 30 volunteers will be needed to direct traffic, sell bingo cards etc. Search and Rescue have been approached to help with transmitters. There will be 12 games - 10 regular games with $100 prizes, 2 speciality games with $200 prizes and a jackpot of $1000 prize. The games will be played between 7 - 9pm.  They will need insurance so Rotary will look into this further.   Donna will need to know by October 1 the number of Rotarians, family and friends who would be willing to volunteer to help this fundraiser.   Trina thanked Donna for her excellent presentation.

Club Business

Olaf informed everyone that the tulip bulbs from the Netherlands are now in Canada and are being boxed by Vesey seeds. The boxes will be sent out next week to the club tulip coordinators who will deliver the sold boxes to Rotarian sellers . These Rotarians then will deliver the tulips to their individual buyers


Chris introduced Ken Walsh from the Association of New Canadians, ANC who gave a presentation on Settlement and Retention.

He began with a brief history of ANC which was established in St John’s in 1979.   ANC has 115 full time employees and many volunteers. He reviewed the programs and services that are offered to new Canadians by ANC.  He explained the different categories of immigrants to Canada and their different ethnicities. He went on to speak of Newfoundland and Labrador and the provincial 5 year plan. The way forward in the province is to increase the number of permanent residents, support immigration to smaller centres and this is helped by the ANC offices  in centres such as Corner Brook, Grand Falls-Windsor Labrador CIty and Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Ken spoke of the work done in Western Newfoundland- its funding and programs. He went on to speak on the issue of retention and the demographic challenges. He continued by speaking of the Atlantic Immigration pilot program whose aim is to address labour shortages, enable faster processing of immigrants and  create pathways for skilled workers and employers. He answered several questions  before being thanked by Chris   

The meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm 

Next Rotary Lunch Meeting - Thursday, October 1st 2020 at Glynmill Inn at 12.30pm