Rotary Club of Corner Brook

The Spinner November 23 2017

Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   November 23 2017
President Andre chaired the meeting
Today 14 Rotarians were at the meeting giving 37% attendance
Club Business
Andre read the weekly Rotary Minute about Rotary Foundation and then spoke about how Rotarians   can arrange to donate monthly, quarterly or annually to the Foundation any amount of their choice.
Andre urged Rotarians to set this up through the Rotary Foundation web page as all monies donated are used to help others.  For any Rotarian interested in doing this do ask Andre for exact details.
District Convention 2018
The Rotary Club of Avalon Northeast is asking support from all Newfoundland clubs to help off set the cost of the May 2018 convention. The request is for each club to donate $20 per member. The executive will discuss this but at the meeting there was no disagreement to this being done.
Outstanding Dues
Director Martin has this matter in hand
 Sadly for us, treasurer Alex is moving to Truro next month. The club wishes him well in Nova Scotia but now Rotarians are asked to volunteer to fill the role of Rotary treasurer after he has left
Guests and Guest Speaker
 Program Chair welcomes guest Stan Pike and guest speaker Peter Noseworthy, president of the Rotary Club of Humber. 
Peter spoke about the annual outreach program of the Humber Club when winter clothing such as snowsuits and boots etc are given to those in need. 
He began by telling how the project began 24years ago and how it has been adapted over the years.  Donations of clothing are made to clothing bins located in the local malls plus Newfoundland Light and Power collects clothing.  For 20 years newly knitted sweaters, socks scarves and mitts have been donated by as Peter described them,  ‘a bunch of angels’.   Two new sources of clothing are IMHS and the high school Interact club.  The clothing ranges from brand new to worn clothing mostly for children but also for adults. The donations reflect the generosity of the community but help to emphasize the needs within the community
 This year the donations are made from the Paderno building   attached to New Lab, O’Connell Drive.   The Club effort has evolved so that those needing clothes are identified and these people are personally contacted to be given a time to come for clothing. The residents of Willow House in particular, are given a specific time to come for their winter clothing.
Peter then spoke about how sometimes it is hard to fulfill certain needs particularly for certain boot sizes and clothing sizes. With this in mind, the Humber Club solicits donations. Canadian Tire has been very helpful in providing boots at the lowest sale price.
Any clothing not taken by mid December is sent to St Theresa’s Church, Port au Port or to communities in Labrador or in the far north. This project begins in October with the collecting of clothes and continues until the week before Christmas.
Peter was thanked for his interesting talk about how a community need is being met by the Rotary Club of Humber
The meeting was adjourned
Club Dates to Remember
Christmas Social
A Christmas Social is to be held on Saturday, December 9 at Elaine’s home. This will be a BYOB-finger food potluck starting at 7pm.
Charter Day
A Charter Day celebration is to be held at the regular lunch meeting time on February 15 2018 in the ballroom of the Greenwood Inn.