Rotary Club of Corner Brook

The Spinner November 9 2017

Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   November 9 2017
Past-President Elaine chaired the meeting
Today 18 Rotarians were at the meeting giving 47% attendance
Christmas Social
A Christmas Social is to be held on Saturday, December 9 at Elaine’s home. This will be a BYOB finger food potluck starting at 7pm.
Please note the date it is now Saturday, December 9 for the Xmas get-together.
Charter Day
A Charter Day celebration is to be held at the regular lunch meeting time on February 15 2018 in the ballroom of the Greenwood Inn.
Rotary Arts Centre
The RAC is holding a fundraising meeting on Tuesday, November 14 at 4.30pm to discuss ways of raising operational funds.  All Rotarians and interested friends are invited to the meeting. 
Guest Speaker
Program–chair Lorraine welcomed former Rotarian Jennifer Elms who now lives in Uganda.
Jennifer spoke about her work in International Development dealing with gender equality and how it is manifested in education.
She began by talking about how the issues in gender equality are increased in developing countries.   A large number of girls are not able to have access to education due to child marriages, cultural views on the value of girl’s being educated plus economics.  In Uganda, many girls drop out of school, as they are needed to help in the family home.  Jennifer’s job focuses on a holistic approach to help change this mindset. She challenges the social norms in a community and through her organization she talks with teachers to help them bring about changes. Her job is to design different approaches to help bring this about.  Her work is at the grassroots level. She hopes that by setting up different programs, creating resources and giving support changes will happen.
She answered several questions before Jim thanked her for her most interesting and informative talk.
The Rotary Wheel was spun and good news happenings were shared before the meeting was adjourned.