Rotary Club of Corner Brook

The Spinner September 21 2017

Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   September 21 2017
Program Chair and Vice President Trina chaired the meeting
Club Business
Wine to Water
Ash spoke of the Wine to Water Wine Tasting evening, which will be held on Friday, October 20 at Jennifer’s on Broadway. Each Rotarian will be asked to donate a bottle of wine. Tickets will be distributed next week. Ash mentioned that volunteer wine pourers will be needed. More details about the evening will follow.
Membership Committee
Trina reported that this committee is working on the mentorship program with more information later.
Music Festival Committee
Paula announced there will be a meeting on September 28 at 7pm at the Quality Inn.
Sea Cadets
Ron reported that the Sea Cadets have started their fall season with 35 cadets registered
Kids East Smart
Next week a representative from Kids Eat Smart will attend the meeting and receive their annual donation from the Club. Ron reminded everyone that the weekly card raffle goes towards this organization.
Maureen announced 13 Rotarians attended the meeting giving 34% attendance. 
Auction Report
Maureen spoke about the investigation to select a popular date and venue for the auction 2018.  She had sent out e-mail and from this the date selected is Saturday, May 5 2018
The next major decision was a venue that was reasonably priced with space on the main floor to accommodate the auction items.   Eagles Nest, Greenwood Inn, Glyn Mill Inn, and Civic Centre have all been checked as has Marble Mountain Lodge.   The Lodge has a new Food and Beverage manager from whom Maureen is waiting for more information. She feels the cost of the ticket should be reasonable. The committee after the venue has been selected, will decide whether the meal will include wine and whether or not the dessert auction will take place.
Guest Speaker
Trina introduced her guests Louise Gautier who spoke about Nuit 150, as well as Dahlia and Bridget who sang at the end of her presentation.
Louise began by speaking about Nuit 150 and how David Smallwood, RAC realized that Heritage Canada had money available for evening festivals. This money was applied for and awarded so that a festival could take place in Corner Brook. The committee looked at what was done in larger cities and adapted this to the Nuit 150 festival to be held on the evening of September 30 along West Street between 7pm – 2am. The businesses on West Street and the street itself will be accommodating theatre presentations, interactive visual arts presentations, digital art displays, film and much more including Wonder bolt Circus. Louise went on to speak about some of the different artists who will be at the festival and their different types of presentations.
 Program books with maps and schedules will be distributed that evening along West Street and each performance will be given three times. Food will be available at restaurants and at the market in the Legion.
Publicity is being done through social media, print and radio and television. Louise encouraged everyone to come out and enjoy this wonderful outdoor festival.
Bridget and Dahlia then entertained everyone with an original song that was greatly enjoyed by everyone.
Trina thanked Louise, Bridget and Dahlia before the meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm