Last June 2021 Corner Brook Regional High School student Luke Thibeau was awarded the 2021 Corner Brook Rotary Scholarship.  He has just received the second portion of his scholarship.  Luke is attending Grenfell Campus and is now in his second year. His first year went extremely well and he is happy to be pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree with an English major and either a humanities or political science minor. This semester he is taking another humanities course, a theatre history course and three English courses. He finds these courses interesting and loves everything he is learning. 
This year he has become more involved with the campus. He hosts trivia night once a week at Grenfell Campus. He has also begun working with the English Second Language program. He is a discussion and writing group leader.  As discussion leader, he has conversations with international students about a wide variety of topics to help practice their oral skills and improve their vocabulary. In the writing groups he helps students with their writing skills by editing their written work before it is submitted for evaluation.
Luke finds this work a great learning opportunity in which he is sharing his writing and editing skills as well as his knowledge of the English Language
Congratulations Luke on your achievements. 
The Rotary Club of Corner Brook wishes you every success in the future.