Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, April 14, 2022
President Chris welcomed everyone to the meeting at 12.30pm.
Club Business
Fundraising May Event
Chris explained that after the meeting on Tuesday, April 12th about the proposed fundraiser in May, an email had been sent to all Rotarians for their views on holding this event in late May. The major concern at the moment was the number of covid cases in the area.  The consensus of opinions received was that this event would be better postponed until the fall. A date and more information will be given later concerning a fall fundraiser.
Program-chair Verbon was not well so Paula introduced the guest speaker Psychologist Laura Casey Foss.  Ms. Casey Foss is a registered clinical psychologist working in private practice with her therapy support dog Zulu.  She has worked in several different areas including research, forensics, and developmental psychology and is currently doing trauma focused work with front line workers. Before she began her talk to everyone’s delight, she brought in and introduced her therapy assistant a Bernese Mountain dog, Zulu.
Laura had spoken on CBC in February, Psychology month about her work and from this talk had been invited to speak to Rotary.  She began by giving a brief rundown on the work of a psychologist and the different branches of psychology. She spoke of the different areas of the profession and how all types of professions and businesses are affected.
She then spoke about the education needed and training time in her case about 12 years to become a practising psychologist. Laura went on to speak about the needs in Newfoundland and Labrador.  There are 211 registered psychologists in the province working in the public sector in Health and Education areas and she identified the different areas of work in this sector.
She went on to speak of the work she is doing now in private practice. She does some assessment work with children but mostly she works with those who have had to deal with trauma whether through their work or otherwise.
She finished her talk by speaking of the great need in the province for more psychologists not only in private practice but to give the public good holistic psychological care particularly in the primary health sector.
Laura answered several questions before speaking on how Zulu her therapy support dog assists her when dealing with people who have experienced trauma. 
Laura and Zulu were thanked before the meeting adjourned