Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, April 27, 2023
Vice-President Olaf chaired the meeting.
Guest, prospective corporate member Sara Young was welcomed. 
Club Business
Donation request letters have been distributed by Lorraine.  The on-line auction is booked with Hand Bid to take place Jun 1 - 5th so Rotarians are requested to solicit donations as soon as possible. 
Guest Speaker
 The guest speaker, Glen Seaborn was introduced and welcomed by Dean.
Glen spoke on Estate Planning, and he gave a most informative and interesting presentation.
He began by asking what is Estate Planning?   He listed the topics that come under the general term estate planning, which is when plans involving financials, retirement, business, succession plans, charitable, medical, disability, legacy and gifts are discussed. 
The goals of such discussions that should be done by everyone, are to ensure that a person has control of personal assets, avoids taxes and probate fees, protects dependants, plans for future disability, prevents delays in dealing with an estate and helps to avoid disputes and disagreements.
Glen continued by talking about part of estate planning which is the drawing up of a last will and testament and the value of this being done.  He spoke of the disadvantages when a person is intestate i.e., has no will. Then he continued by speaking of the different will forms available. and what to be aware of when drafting a will. The selecting an executor of the will is important and should be someone who will be trustworthy and capable of fulfilling that role.  Glen continued by identifying the legal requirements for the making of the will. The next topic Glen looked at was how to deal with different trusts in a will and beneficiary designations.
 He finished his talk by speaking of powers of attorney, POA which designation is operative during a person’s lifetime and advanced health care directives.
Glen answered several questions before being thanked by Verbon on behalf of the club.
The meeting adjourned at 1.30pm