Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   April 4 2019
Program-Chair Paula chaired the meeting
Guests and Speakers
Paula, chair of the Corner Brook Rotary Music Festival began by introducing the Rotary Music Festival secretaries - Katie Healey, secretary for voice adjudicator Allison Arend, Ellen Janzen, secretary for instrumental adjudicator Jana Starling, Gail MacDonald, secretary for musical theatre and choral adjudicator Robyn Cathcart and Marjorie Hannon, secretary for piano adjudicator Joan Woodrow.
 She then introduced and welcomed the adjudicators, Allison Arend, Jana Starling, Robyn Cathcart and Joan Woodrow. The Executive Secretary of the Music Festival Sandy Miles was introduced as was guest Stan Pike.
Each adjudicator spoke covering a different topic on the value of music festivals and the benefits to students, teachers and the community.
Robyn began by talking about music education with its challenges and benefits. The music festival committee and volunteers do vital and pivotal work in organizing and running a music festival by helping to fill the gap resulting from changes in the education system. Festival requirements require students to learn how to preplan and prepare for their festival classes.  Through music festivals the potential of the individual is fostered and young people have experiences and challenges not usually found in their regular world.
Jana continued by speaking about the value of classical music and its influence and how festivals give exposure to classical music.  Students involved in festivals have their lives enriched by their involvement.  
Allison who spoke of the financial aspect of music education, followed Jana. She spoke of the expenses regular music education, of summer programs etc and how the scholarships and awards given by the festival are so important.  The benefits of music go beyond music making, as music is an international language.  Music helps in the development of the brain. The community collaboration with the festival benefits all. She commented about the high level of music she has seen in the festival and urged Rotarians to keep on doing this good work.
Joan continued by thanking the committee for their well-run festival. She noted what tremendous talent there is here and how the children shared a good stage presence, which is a part of their learning.   She finished with a couple of anecdotes.
All four adjudicators then entertained everyone with a presentation of the balcony scene from West Side Story with Robyn and Allison singing, Jane playing the clarinet and Joan playing the keyboard.
After the wonderful musical presentation the meeting was adjourned
  Rotary Reminders and Information
Auction Meeting:    Meeting at the Port Authority at 7pm on Sunday, May 7 for Rotarians able to help with the planning and organizing of Rotary Auction on May 11.
Ribfest Meeting: Meeting at noon on most Fridays at Port Authority.  Check with Trina for meeting dates 
Rotary 2019 Auction:Date: Saturday, May 11
Venue: Canada House, Civic Centre, and Corner Brook