Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   August 15 2019
Program- chair Leslie hosted the meeting
Club Business
Club Member News
Jackie informed everyone that Ron is in the hospital and is waiting to be taken to St John’s for further testing. All our good wishes go to Ron and hope he will be back home soon.
Rotary Friendship Exchange
Trina spoke of the activities planned for next week when the 5 Rotarians with spouses from Oregon visit Corner Brook. They will arrive on Tuesday, August 20 from Gander. Olaf and Ellen have kindly offered to host a buffet meal for the guests and their hosts at 6.30 for 7pm. On Wednesday they will be taken to Stephenville to attend the Stephenville Rotary meeting. This will be followed at 6pm by a BBQ in Steady Brook for all Rotarians, family and friends from the Clubs of Corner Brook and Humber to meet the Friendship Exchange Rotarians and their wives. The following day 4 couples will be leaving while one couple departs on Friday, Aug 23.
Guests and Guest Speaker
Guest, Jensen Stanley, RCMP officer in Deer Lake was welcomed. His father from the Rotary Club of Cornwall, Ontario had attended a meeting earlier in the summer.
Christine Young, YMCA Corner Brook, and Paula Sheppard Thibeau, Status of Women Council were introduced, as were Sharon Mc Lennon and Jeff Keeping from NL Workforce Innovation Centre.
Leslie introduced and welcomed the lead guest presenter Kelly Taylor Hulan from the Laubach Literacy Council.  Todie Winter, Margie Lewis, and Bernice Hancock who were all involved with Laubach Literacy accompanied Kelly and were all welcomed.
Kelly spoke of a new research project – Going the Distancethat Laubach Literacy with the Workforce Innovation Centre is introducing. The idea is to equip Rural Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans with the abilities and skills to succeed in online learning. The researchers on this project are Kelly and Todie and the purpose is to help adults improve their technology and writing skills. The hope is that these skills would help adult learners be successful in online learning and increase their employability skills.
To illustrate the basic keyboarding skills needed, Kelly handed out blank keyboard sheets and asked everyone to fill in their name.  For everyone this was quite a surprising challenge so for an adult with poor literacy skills it would be horrendous. 
The aim of the research project is to welcome students with the skills they have and for students after following the project training to leave with the skills they need.
Kelly handed out a sheet about the project and its purpose and aims that will be given to prospective students to invite them to join this research project and stating the benefits to be gained
She was thanked for her excellent informative presentation and then she answered several questions.
Gerry as Sergeant of Arms called all Rotarian non-badge wearers to order before the meeting was adjourned
  Rotary Reminders and Information
August 21: BBQ in Steady Book to meet the Rotary Friendship Exchange Rotarians and their wives.