Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   February 14 2019
Program-chair Bernd chaired the meeting
Guests, Neil Robbins, Lesley Ereaut and the new city manager Rodney Cumby were introduced and welcomed
Club Business 
Rib Fest  
Interested Rotarians are reminded of the next Ribfest meeting at noon on February 15 at the Port Authority.  
Guest Speaker
Program-chair Bernd introduced Mayor Jim Parsons.  Jim’s presentation was titled ‘Good Things’ in which he spoke of the importance of optimism and confidence in Corner Brook when looking to the future and how so often the focus was on problems.  In his presentation he spoke of positive happenings and developments in the city
He began by talking about the plans for a new Aquatic Centre based at Grenfell Campus.  This with the different partners will be an affordable community resource.  He continued to talk about the Corner Brook port and how this year there will be more and larger cruise ships visiting. Another recreational aspect will be the ATV/ Snowmobile trails to be developed within the municipal boundary.    The city is part of the development of a tourism strategy for the whole area.
The Mayor went on to speak of Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Mill and how it has developed more diversified markets plus it will be producing two new lines of paper. All if this indicates its plan to remain in the city.
A major concern of local residents is the new Long Term Care facility, which should open next year and the plans for the new hospital. The contractor for the hospital should be decided shortly and work is planned to commence in the spring.
He went on to speak of more recreational developments such as the Participark, new Bike Park and the renovations to be carried out at Jubilee Field as well as the proposed Splash Pad at Margaret Bowater Park.
It is important to improve the curb appeal of the city centre, which is being done through FACE, a downtown business improvement scheme with financial incentives and new signage available.
The post secondary institutions are a very valuable resource for the city and the new Innovation Centre involving Kruger, Grenfell Campus and College of the North Atlantic will be an exciting addition.
Jim spoke about City Hall and its efficiency.  One of the projects being worked on with different partners is to open a men’s shelter. The city has bought a glass recycler/crusher. Testing is being done on using crushed glass waste in concrete, asphalt and cement and eventually it is hoped residential glass waste will be collected.
A celebration this year will be the Come Home Year 2019 event in July and of course the Winter Carnival happenings.
Gerry thanked Jim for the interesting presentation and the meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm
  Rotary Reminders and Information
Guest Speaker Thursday, February 21:  
Gladys Batten chair of Come Home Year 2019 will be speaking.
Rotary Read A-Long: To be held at JJ Curling School, Woodbine Avenue at 9.30am. Volunteer Rotarians and friends are asked to arrive at the school between 9-9.15am to determine the class to which they will be reading and peruse the book. The books bought by the Club and chosen by the school will be displayed
Rotary 2019 Auction          Date: Saturday, May 11
Venue: Canada House, Civic Centre, and Corner Brook