Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, January 26, 2023
President Jackie chaired the meeting.
There were several guests present and after grace was said, they were introduced,
Elaine introduced her husband Bob and good friend Ken Jenkins.
Members of the Rotary Arts Centre Board Neil Robbins, Katie Healey, David Smallwood, Dr. Ian Rashid, and Jerry Etienne were introduced. Jackie introduced her guests Dean Porter and Annette Bennett.
Guest Speaker
After lunch was eaten, Program-Chair Adam introduced the guest presenter Nigel Jenkins. Nigel who has recently purchased the old Bank of Nova Scotia building (latterly Tweed) at 62, Broadway. Nigel in partnership with the Rotary Arts Centre is planning to develop the space into an Arts Hub.
Nigel began his witty presentation by speaking of experiences growing up and his interests in his teen years in being part of a band.  After furthering his education at Memorial and Dalhousie Universities to gain degrees in English and Law he returned to his passion for music and the music business. In September 2015, he started his company Laughing Hearts Music Inc, LHM, in Halifax which three years later he moved to Steady Brook and now will be based in his building on Broadway.  The Rotary Arts Centre is going to partner with Nigel and will be a tenant in the lower floor of the building and is hoping that this space will used by local community artists. Nigel spoke of his plans for LHM on Broadway.  He described the space his business will occupy and some of the ideas he hopes to develop. His enthusiasm was catching, and everyone wishes him well with his exciting plans for the new Arts Hub.  
Nigel answered several questions before being thanked by Elaine on behalf of the club.