Rotary Club of Corner Brook

The Spinner July 19 2018

Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   July 19 2018
Program- chair Kathleen chaired the meeting.
Club Business
Prospective Rotarian Jeff was welcomed
 15 Rotarians attended the meeting giving 50% attendance.
 Programs for 2018-19
Adam spoke of the e-mail he had sent out scheduling program chairs for the coming year.  He mentioned that if a Rotarian could not organize a speaker for a certain date to try and change dates with another Rotarian.
Entertainment Program in August 
Ann spoke about her thoughts for her August program. She suggested attending the GMSM Train Show at 4.15pm followed by a meal. Everyone thought this sounded a good idea so Ann will look into this further. She will send out e-mail with details and date.
Guest Speaker
Kathleen introduced Ken Walsh, Senior Settlement Coordinator, with the Corner Brook office of the Association for New Canadians (ANC). 
His presentation focused on the programs and services ANC offer as well as information on the new Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project, a new federal-provincial government partnership project that aims to help business owners and employers hire skilled international workers to fill labor shortages in the Atlantic region. 
Ken began by talking about the Association for New Canadians, which was founded in 1979 as a community based, non-profit, non-governmental organization.  There are four offices in Newfoundland and Labrador with one office being in Corner Brook. Their core services are settlement services for individuals and families, English as a second language instruction, community connections and volunteering, employment and career services and diversity outreach and public education.
He then focused on the new Atlantic Immigration Pilot program, AIP that is only offered in the Atlantic region. This program is employer driven helping employers identify labour market gaps and gives a pathway for skilled workers and international graduates find employment.   Ken that spoke in detail how businesses qualify for the program and how this program helps both the employer and new employees.   
He went on to talk about the ANC services offered in Corner Brook such as ESL services, which follow the Canadian Benchmark curriculum and are offered up to level 6 in a multilevel classroom.  A new program will begin August 1 at the Corner Brook Library for children and their families.  The ANC diversity team offers various workshops and outreach programs also.
Ken answered several questions before being thanked by Olaf.
Sergeant at Arms for the meeting Gerry levied a couple of fines before the meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm.
Dates to Note
Program July 26
President Trina will speak about her plans for the coming year
Program Chairs for July and August
Trina Burden- Incoming President
Ann Parsons
Paula Butt
Adam Buckle
Jim Patriquin
Social - Cottage Party/ BBQ ?
Rotary 2019 Auction
Date: Saturday, May 11
Venue: Canada House, Civic Centre, Corner Brook