Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, June 16, 2022
President Chris welcomed Rotarians to the meeting. Prospective primary corporate designee Josh Parsons was introduced and welcomed on behalf of the new corporate club member Atlantic Cannabis. 
Club Business
An executive meeting was held on June 13th in the boardroom of the Port Office.
Chris went through the different business matters discussed.
  1. New MOU between the Club and the Rotary Arts Centre.
The executive discussed this matter and recommended that the Club enter into a similar agreement with the RAC as before but for 3 years because of financial uncertainties in the world. A new sample MOU will be circulated to the membership for approval. Rotary’s representative on the Rotary Arts Board, Olaf has spoken to David Smallwood, RAC, of possibly holding a fundraiser at the RAC in the fall.  More about this later as plans take shape.
  1. Sophie Buchholtz Rotary Scholar to attend Grenfell Campus in the fall
The club was asked to consider being the host club for Sophie. Membership had been sent details of what was required, and it was decided that the Rotary Club of Corner Brook would be the official host club for Sophie. The primary contact will be Lorraine with Lesly and Kathleen giving any help needed. All club members will be involved in giving help to Sophie as she adapts to a new country, city, and Grenfell Campus when she arrives in Corner Brook late summer.
  1. Corporate Rotary Membership
Chris spoke of the first club corporate member Atlantic Cannabis. Josh Parsons attended the meeting as the primary designee. Corporate membership is a new type of Rotary membership, and the club looks forward to having more corporate members.
  1. There will be no regular lunch meeting next Thursday, June 23rd at the Glynmill Inn 
 Program-Chair Leslie introduced her guest presenter Terri Lynn Robbins. Terri Lynn 
spoke with accompanying slides about the ‘Agriculture in the Classroom’ program here in Newfoundland. 
Agriculture in the Classroom NL (AITC-NL) is an industry supported initiative designed to work in partnership with Newfoundland and Labrador educators. AITC-NL is hosted by the NL Federation of Agriculture and a proud member of Agriculture in the Classroom Canada.
AITC-NL has directly impacted over 29,000 in the 2021 – 22 school year through various programs and events.
Little Green Thumbs is the flagship program and is in its 10th year
This is an indoor gardening program focusing on primary/elementary classes, Grades 2 - 6 across the province.
Little Green Thumbs provides the equipment, garden and classroom supplies for students to have a garden in their classroom. There are 192 such gardens across the province. This is a hands-on cross-curricular program that teaches students about environmental stewardship, life cycles, healthy eating, etc.   For earlier grades Kindergarten and Grade 1 a new program Little Green Sprouts will be added in September.
This is the only province where farmers and agricultural representatives mentor the Little Green Thumbs.
 Initiatives are also in place for junior high school and high school students including hands-on activities and learning about farmers and agricultural professionals across the country.
AITC-NL hosts other programs and events for students. The CALM program is a hands-on program the encourages children to learn about and celebrate agriculture in various ways.
The theme for CALM is “Our Food, Our Story”.
There are over 400 volunteers helping AITC-NL reach over 29,000 students. Sponsorships are recognized by invitations to attend events, harvest celebrations and classroom visits.
This program, AITC-NL is extremely important as it helps to educate students on where food comes from, the people that grow it and the importance of agriculture to communities.
Terri Lynn answered a couple of questions before being thanked by Kathleen on behalf of the club.
The meeting adjourned at 1.40pm