Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, March 2, 2023
President Jackie chaired the meeting.
Dave Randell was welcomed by Jackie.
Club Business
Adventure in Citizenship
The high school speak-off will be held at the regular lunch meeting on March 16th.
Guest Speaker
Program – Chair Chris Healey introduced his guest speakers Dr Erin Smallwood and Ian Locke. Dr Erin Smallwood is a family doctor in Corner Brook with a special interest in aging. She is also director of the MUN Family Medicine program in Corner Brook and board member of Camber Arts the former Gros Morne Summer Music. She spoke about the “SmART Aging project”, which allows older adults maintain their cognitive fitness. The project is a joint program by Western Health, Camber Arts, and the Western School of Nursing. Ian is the Artistic Director and Faculty and Production Manager of Camber Arts and Graham Academy. 
Erin began by speaking about her own medical work and her interest in aging which led to the developing of the SmART Aging Project.   This is a community engaged program supporting healthy aging through arts and technology. 
Initially when this program began it was to provide older adults with mild to moderately fragility or mild to moderate cognitive decline with the opportunity to stay socially connected through virtual participation in arts–based activities.
Now the program has been expanded to include older adults over 65 years that could benefit by participating in the program    The program will help lessen the risk of developing dementia, maintain cognitive health, promote engagement and fulfillment, and improve overall quality of life.
Erin continued by referring to the research that has shown participation in the arts benefits older adults. She looked at the demographics of Newfoundland with its many rural and remote communities, aging population, and high rate of chronic illness. This community backed arts program fosters collaboration between the arts and health.
The project received a national grant which with its partner Western Health supporting technologies, was able to successfully be implemented. Erin looked at some of the testimonials received championing the program. She noted that participating artists will be paid for their work. 
The program is now open to all over 65 years but access to WIFI will be needed.
To advertise the program, prescription forms will be used distributed to health care practitioner’s offices as well as social media.
At this point Ian began to speak of the work done in recruiting artists from different disciplines. Story telling is a very popular session. He is hoping that 50+ Clubs can become involved. In the Northern Peninsula workshops have been presented to seniors’ clubs and interest is there.
He is hoping that youth will be involved with seniors in the future through this program. Initially the aim was to help people in their own homes but now residents in community living are also being considered for the program.
Erin and Ian answered questions before being thanked by Chris on behalf of the club.