Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   March 21 2019
Program-Chair Linda chaired the meeting
Program March 21 withProgram Chair Andre
Sherry Buckingham - Dietitian is the guest speaker and she will discuss the recent updates to Canada's Food Guide    Sherry is In-Store Registered Dietitian for Dominion stores in Corner Brook and Stephenville.  She graduated from Acadia University and completed her dietetic internship in Toronto.  She uses mindful and intuitive eating techniques in her practice.  
Guests and Speakers
Two guests, Elizabeth Spracklin and Ian Osmond were welcomed and introduced.
This week is Multiculturalism Week and guest Sheldon Peddle introduced himself in his role as the founding chair of Corner Brook Immigration Committee, which helps newcomers to the area and especially helps immigrants contribute to the community and local economy. He went on to introduce the main speakers the Honourable Bernard Davis, Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour and Remzi Cej the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Director of Immigration and Multiculturalism.
Minister Davies began by talking about immigration, its many benefits and its importance to Newfoundland. He spoke of the government’s 5-year action plan that began in 2017 to improve and enhance provincial immigration services. One of the most significant challenges in the province is the demographic challenge. The province wants newcomers who bring diversity and prosperity, to want to stay in this safe and welcoming environment. The action plan targets 35 actions to increase immigration numbers.  This collaborative approach is both focused and innovative The Action Plan is helping to enhance services and outcomes for immigrants and foreign workers.
Remji then followed the Minister with a power point presentation giving more details of the Action Plan and the immigration priorities that are being worked on at the moment. It is hoped with streamlining immigration services there will be better outcomes. He identified some of the services available now and spoke of the 24 new actions coming about in the next two years.
After questions were answered, Jeff thanked the speakers for their informative and interesting talks. The meeting was then adjourned
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