Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   March 28 2019
The Spinner March 28, 2019
Program – Rotarian Andre chaired the March 28 meeting. Next week, April 04, Paula will host the Music Festival Adjudicators and Secretaries.
Guests and Speakers –Two guests; Ian Osmond, friend of Andre, and Ted Cross, past president of the Corner Brook Rotary Club and now a member of the Wolfville Club, were welcomed.
Club Business – Andre gave a brief overview of the work completed to date regarding the Auction acknowledging that there is much work to be done. Corporate letters will be emailed to all members re sponsorship. Members wanting these letters to be colored are to contract Andre. Leads re required for several areas including the raffles, decorating, tickets, etc. A meeting will soon be arranged for Executive followed by a Club Assembly to discuss same. 
This being Nutrition month Sherry Buckingham, Dietitian, was invited to speak. Sherry is the In-Store Registered Dietitian (RD) for Dominion Stores in Corner Brook and Stephenville. She spoke to the recent changes to Canada’s Food Guide. Changes are based on research with input from RDs across Canada. The graphic design of the plate versus the rainbow was thought to be more easily understood and more realistic. The plate shows ½ vegetables and fruits, ¼ protein foods, plus ¼ whole grains. Canadians are encouraged to eat a variety of healthy foods each day including more plant-based foods such as chickpea, lentils, beans and soy products. Water if now the beverage of choice! Foods high in sodium, sugar and saturated fat are discouraged. Canadians are encouraged to look at their eating habits such as mindful eating, cooking more often, and eating meals with others. Cons of the new Guide include it not being budget friendly, meat having a lesser influence, and cultural exclusion. Examples of each were discussed. For example, Canadians are to consider ‘tin’ and ‘frozen’ alternatives to fresh produce. Sherry emphasized the abundance of information available on the Health Canada website. As well, members were reminded of the NL telephone number ‘811’ for access to a Dietitian. Sherry is available for private consultations specializing in Celiac Disease and Diabetes, and in assisting new moms. Her contacts are sherry.buchingham@loblaws.caor www.booka
 Rotarian Trina thanked Sherry.
Rotary Reminders and Information – Ribfest – A meeting will be held on Friday. March 29, at the Port Authority. Partners for this venture are being sought.
Auction - An Executive/Planning meeting is to be arranged by Andre. Please check your emails for time and place. Members are somewhat concerned as the Auction Date, May 11, is approaching!