Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting March 5  2020

Program - Chair  Ian chaired the meeting.

Club Business

Rotary Read A-Long

Kathleen thanked participating Rotarians  at the Read A-Long on Friday, February 28 at CC Loughlin School.   It was very successful and a most enjoyable time for Rotarians and students

Rotary Auction

Linda spoke about the upcoming auction. The donor letters should be ready next week. Linda  with Kathleen had met with Maxine, Jennifer’s and possible decorations and colours had been discussed. The tables will be dressed in white with coloured chair sashes and runners. Rotarian Jennifer will be posting a save-the-date notice on FaceBook which Rotarians are asked to pass on to their friends.


Ian welcomed the Rotary Music Festival executive secretary Sandy Myles and Music Festival volunteer Jerry Bartlett.

Rotarian Ian spoke about the role of volunteers at the Rotary Music Festival sessions.

The 58th Rotary Music Festival begins on March 21st with the final concert being held in the evening of March 31st.   Rotarians and volunteers are asked to help staff sessions

Ian presented a slide show indicating the different venues, adjudicator secretaries, and adjudicators. Most of the adjudicators will be staying at Quality Inn from which they will need to be picked up and returned after each session. He also identified the different roles of staffers at each session.  Two or more staffers are needed for each session and Ian passed around a sign up sheet for Rotarians to sign..

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Ian.

He urged all Rotarians to volunteer to help make this a most successful Music Festival


The Rotary Wheel under Jim’s guidance was spun  before the meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm.