Notes from the Rotary Luncheon Meeting   March 7 2019
President Trina chaired the meeting
Club Business 
Rib Fest  
Interested Rotarians are invited to attend the regular Ribfest meetings at noon on Friday at the Port Authority.  
Read A-Long
Kathleen reported the Read A-long at JJ Curling School on March 6 was successful. The school was pleased to receive the books and sent  thanks to the Club.
 Lunch Meeting March 14 
Prospective Music Festival staffers will attend the meeting next week to sign up for sessions. The program will review the staffers role during the festival.
Music Festival
Lionel passed around the staffing needed for the different sessions so Rotarians could sign up.  All other staffing volunteers should have the schedule by the weekend and Lionel hopes by next week most sessions will be fully staffed. For any Rotarians not at lunch, please contact Lionel about volunteering at the Music Festival sessions.
Rotary Auction May 11 at Canada House
Trina asked any Rotarian who would be willing to approach particular businesses for donations to let Andre or Jackie know. The theme will be Starlight Ball and the letters for donations should be ready to deliver before the end of the month.
Guest Speaker and Guests
Trina welcomed Honorary Rotarian Marjorie and then Wayne Tucker and Alan Kendall, fathers’ of the Speak-Off contestants.  
She explained about the Adventure in Citizenship program sponsored by the Rotary Club of Ottawa in which up to 200 young people spend 4 days in Ottawa to gain a better understanding of Canada. They meet political leaders, senior officials and learn how democratic institutions work as well as meeting Canadian youth from across the country. This year the program is held April 28 – May 1.
The winner of the Speak-Off today will be sponsored by the Club to attend the Adventure in Citizenship program and on her return will talk to the Club of her experiences. Trina then introduced the two high school students Kate Tucker and Erin Kendall who were competing in the Speak-Off.       Before the meeting the three judges, Bernd Staeben, Olaf Janzen and Marjorie Hannon interviewed Kate and Erin. 
Both girls gave very interesting talks entitled ‘What being a Canadian means to Me.’
They spoke of the rugged countryside, Canada’s diversity, Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as giving their personal views and interpretations of the topic. Both speeches were very good.    When they had finished the judges adjourned to make their decision.
At this time Chris introduced by his sponsor Lionel, was inducted into the Club by Verbon. Congratulations Rotarian Chris.
The judges returned and announced the winner to be Kate Tucker.  Kate will be given the information for her adventure in Ottawa. She will return in May to address the Club about her experiences.
InterAct Club
Both Kate and Erin are members of the club and Kate spoke briefly about their different activities. The club has about 10 members and the next project will be a Spring clothing drive.
Leaders in Training
Trina spoke about the Rotary training to be held on Saturday, March 9 at CNA and it is for any interested Rotarian.   
Rotary Wheel
Jim introduced the Rotary Wheel and monies raised by sharing good news stories goes towards the Scholarship fund.
Stories were shared and then the meeting was adjourned
  Rotary Reminders and Information
Ribfest Meeting: Meeting at noon on Fridays at Port Authority
Rotary 2019 Auction:Date: Saturday, May 11
Venue: Canada House, Civic Centre, and Corner Brook