Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, May 11, 2023
Vice-President Olaf chaired the meeting.
Club Business
Olaf reviewed the different planned fundraising events.
  1.  The fundraising Rotary concert will take place Wednesday, May 31 at the Rotary Arts Centre. Tickets and posters have just been received.   These need to be distributed to Rotarians. The tickets cost $50. The evening will start at 7pm with a reception followed by the concert at 8pm.  The artists performing are Sherman Downey performing and hosting the evening with CBI Jazz Band, Acabella, Wendy Woodland, Lloyd Bartlett, Noah and Kevin Hamilton, Music Festival major scholarship winners Colin Spencer and Kate White. With such a great line up of artists it should be a fantastic evening appealing to everyone. Thanks go to David Smallwood for organising this. 
 Gerry has agreed to look after a 50-50 raffle in the intermission., There could be other raffles and silent auction items on which to bid.  Rotarians are asked to donate wine for this event or the online auction in June.  Tickets are available from the RAC box office or from any Rotarian.  Spread the word about the concert.  Selling tickets for this is important as it is a fundraiser for the club so a full house is the aim.
  1.  Donna Luther has contacted the club and the club plans to partner with Xavier House for an Afternoon Tea on July 30th and assist at a drive in Bingo on August 5. Mark these dates in your calendar.
  1. Online Auction is June 1st - 5th so items need to be collected and collated by May 26th. Drop any donations you have received at Kathleen’s home as soon as you can. When the donations have been recorded the information will be passed on to Leslie who will insert the information with photos from Neil into the Handbid site.
Guest Speaker
Program-chair Karen introduced Ian Locke; the Associate Artistic Director for Camber Arts formerly know as Gros Morne Summer Music.  
Ian began by speaking of his own life growing up in Corner Brook and how fortunate he was to be able to be so involved with the arts and now to be employed full time in his chosen field.
The not-for-profit Gros Morne Summer Music organisation, GMSM has existed for 20 years and began as a classical summer music festival. Camber is the arc in a bird’s wing that allows it to take flight. The renamed GMSM organisation is now Camber Arts as it takes flight as a year-long inter-arts company that works across four major areas of activity. The four pillars of Camber Arts are: -
Creation – when new creative projects are developed that reflect the region’s cultural richness.
Innovation – when a wide range of innovative challenges are considered currently involving digital arts, social finance and social strategies and methods.
Education -   The Graham Academy is the training and mentorship program for youth in Western Newfoundland.
Presentation - The bringing of artists to the region with an emphasis on diverse cultural experiences.
He then talked about the programming planned for the summer months.
One show he mentioned was the interactive show held on the train which has been revamped using adult performers.   Ian continued by speaking of the Convent and how this space is not only used by the Graham Academy but also other groups. 
In the summer the Graham Academy will be hosting several camps and different artists and groups will be performing at different venues throughout the city.  
He noted a video game that is being developed through Camber Arts which is set in a Newfoundland Outport. 
Ian answered several questions before the meeting was adjourned.