Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, May 12, 2022
President welcomed everyone to the meeting
Club Business
The induction of new Rotarian Adam Baker was the first order of business.
The ceremony was conducted by Verbon.
Olaf introduced Adam whom he had sponsored.  Verbon explained the aims and purpose of Rotary when he inducted Adam. Adam then received his Rotary pin and congratulations from Chris.  Corner Brook Rotarians extend their congratulations to Adam on becoming a Rotarian and welcome him to the Corner Brook club
Executive Meeting
An executive meeting will be held next Wednesday, May 18 at noon. Details and agenda will follow.
 Program-chair Linda introduced and welcomed the guest speaker Dr Veronica Hutchings.  Dr Hutchings is a Registered Psychologist who gave an illustrated talk on ‘Strategies for Managing a Changing Memory. ‘
Veronica began by listing and speaking about possible reasons for memory change. These included neurogenerative diseases, hearing loss, mood/anxiety disorders, sleep disruption, infections, thyroid disease.
Her next suggestions to help reduce memory changes were to work with a health care team as some reasons are reversible and most treatable, to eat right, exercise, drink lots of water and review with you family doctor or pharmacist your medications.  
If the memory changes are due to a degenerative condition, it is most important to. organize your legal matters such as health directive, Power of Attorney, and your will.
She continued by giving useful tips when there are memory changes.  The cause of the memory changes needs to be addressed.  Having a routine really helps and aids should be used such as alarms, day planner, sticky notes for example and tie the reminder to an activity. 
Veronica stated that telling others about memory changes is very helpful. She stressed only tell others when you are comfortable doing so. Friends and family can help and give support. 
She then went on to give some tips when communicating with others before summarizing her talk.
Veronica answered questions before Bernd thanked her on behalf of Rotary.
The meeting was adjourned a 1.35pm