Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, May 23, 2024
Vice- President Olaf chaired the meeting.  
Club Business
The Toonie Quest West 50-50 draw had no winner this week.  
Guest Speaker
Olaf introduced the guest presenter Paul Wylezol, who is the Chairman of the Cabox Aspiring Geopark. This is a not-for-profit project initiated by the Newfoundland Chapter of the International Appalachian Trail, which traverses several UNESCO Global Geoparks and Aspiring Geoparks in Western Europe.  Begun in 2014, the project has received the support of 14 town councils in the Bay of Islands, lower Humber Valley and Bonne Bay South, as well as Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd, Grenfell Campus of Memorial University, Corner Brook Campus of College of the North Atlantic, Outer Bay of Islands Enhancement Committee (OBIEC), and Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador. 
Paul included in his talk some of this organization’s goals and projects, as they effect Corner Brook, the Humber Arm, the Bay of Islands and surrounding region. 
Paul’s illustrated talk was titled Cabox: A Study in Global Geoparks and Plate Tectonics. He began by speaking of the Appalachian trail which began in Georgia and 30 years ago was extended to Canada and now includes trails in Ireland, Greenland, Scotland, the Iberian Peninsula. He looked at the geology and history of the Appalachian – Caledonian Mountains that straggle eastern North America, eastern Greenland, western Europe and northwest Africa.
He continued by explaining that Geoparks are places where landscapes with outstanding geological heritage are used to support sustainable development. The geology in a Geopark is linked to sites with interesting geology, history, folklore and culture.
He continued by speaking of the local Cabox Aspiring Geopark by looking at its significant geological features and history and the work of explorers, and cartographers in the past which resulted in its rich geology being known. Paul talked about the development of trails and story boards being developed in the area.  His talk was fascinating and informative, and he was thanked by Olaf before
the meeting was adjourned.