Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, May 4, 2023
Vice-President Olaf chaired the meeting.
Club Business
Olaf spoke of the email he had sent to members concerning hosting a fundraising concert on May 31 at the RAC. He requested Rotarians reply so a decision could be made quickly.
Kathleen reviewed arrangements for the auction.
  1.  Lorraine has distributed letters requesting donations to Rotarians. She asked Rotarians wishing to approach other businesses to check with her first to avoid duplication.
  2. Kathleen asked Rotarians to collect donated items as soon as possible and then deliver them to her home. She asked each item received would indicate value, donor, and description.
  3. Leslie will be inputting items into the HandBid site so the more time she has do this the better. Neil will help with the donation photograph.  Thank you note for donors will be emailed to Rotarians that can be used if wished.
Guest Speaker
  Program - chair Linda introduced the guest presenter Adam Buckle. Adam’s presentation was on EVREC, Exploits Valley Renewable Energy Corporation’s project in Central Newfoundland. The EVEREC project uses 100% green hydrogen and ammonia production for global energy markets. The resulting energy will be powered by a renewable resource namely wind.
 Adam through Marine Contractors as share holders of EVREC will be involved with the civil construction.
Adam began by outlining his presentation by explaining the purpose of EVREC and its partners and consultants which include. Abraxas, Hydrostor, Marine Consultants, OWC, A=L, CASALE plants for a new planet since 1921, Strum and Carbon Neutral Consulting. This consortium includes companies that have well established track records, have a strong knowledge base and established expertise in implementing innovative ways and state-of -the- art technology in generating renewable energy.
 Companies have been searching for a suitable area world-wide to develop a project of this magnitude. One major requirement was a world-class wind resource preferably not surrounded by a large population. This requirement meant Central Newfoundland was selected as it also has abundant fresh water supplies, deep water ports such as Botwood and low shipping costs to European and American markets.
The winds will result in hydrogen energy being produced which then will be mixed with nitrogen to create ammonia that can be shipped throughout the world. 
Adam explained the technology needed for the project to go ahead and how different partners already had experience with this. A large duration energy storage would need to be constructed. 
He went on to show a proposed timeline for the project. This year a feasibility detailed engineering and environmental assessment has been submitted to government and the results from this will be expected shortly. It is hoped in 2025 construction will take place and 2028 – 30 shipping of ammonia will begin.
Community presentations have been held in communities of Central Newfoundland.
Applications have been made to government for crown land to be used for the project and some land has already been assigned.   Much construction will need to take place and it is thought there will be 2000 jobs during the construction phase of the project with 500 permanent jobs plus 500 indirect jobs throughout the life of the project.
Adam answered several questions before being thanked by Bernd on behalf of the club.
The meeting was adjourned around 1.30pm