Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Saturday November 12, 2022
Vice-president Olaf chaired the meeting.
Before lunch was served guests were introduced and welcomed.
Corner Brook Rotarians introduced their attending partners.  Four Rotarians from Stephenville attended the meeting including the Area District Governor Mel Dean, Marie Stagg, Rosa Dollard, and Diane Chaulk. The guest of honour the District Governor of Rotary District 7815, Harvey Bass was fully introduced after lunch before he gave his presentation.
The first order of business was the presentation to Elaine, Chair of the Corner Brook Arts Centre Association inc. The cheque was the annual donation that the club donates to assist with the running of the Corner Brook Rotary Arts Centre.
Mel Dean then introduced the guest speaker Harvey Bass.
Harvey began by speaking of the Rotary core values service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership and how Paul Harris envisaged the organisation.  Harvey spoke how diversity is now a very broad term.  He went on to speak of the areas of focus of Rotary which are – Peacebuilding and conflict prevention, 
Disease prevention and treatment, 
Water, sanitation, and hygiene
Maternal and child health
Basic education and literacy
Community economic development
The Environment 
He continued to speak of the new district 7815 and the work done in the last four years to bring about its formation.  Harvey continued to speak of the priorities of the new district and how to attract new members to strengthen each club. Harvey spoke of the importance of listening to newer members and their ideas. He went on to note that clubs need visibility in a community. He also reminded Rotarians that the district’s role is to assist clubs at all levels.
Harvey continued with the importance for each club to goal set and for the executive to attend the training sessions offered each year and for Rotarians to use resources on-line to find out more about the organisation.
He thanked Rotarians for the help given to victims of hurricane Fiona and the Ukraine war.
Olaf thanked Harvey for coming to Corner Brook and speaking. A cheque from the club to the Rotary Foundation was given to Harvey to show appreciation of his visit.
Harvey passed out Rotary pins before the meeting adjourned.
The next Rotary meeting is on Thursday, November 17 at 12.30 at the Glynmill Inn with Lloyd Hollett of the Newfoundland Insectarium in Reidville the guest speaker.